So what if you are too fat or too skinny! 'Body Shaming'

So what if you are too fat or too skinny!  'Body Shaming'

Image by Jakob Owens

To secure yourself, surround yourself with positive people who will accept you for who you are.

  • Create a no-tolerance of body shaming zone around you. 
  • Keep away from body shaming gossip.
  • Walk away from derogatory body image conversations.
  • Know that you have the POWER to allow or not to allow what is said to you.
  • It is your body learn to LOVE it and accept yourself for who you are. 
  • Encourage others to also be in control. 
  • Body image degradation is a problem, but it does not have to be YOUR problem.  
  • Decide that until society begins to change their views and care about the everyday teens and young adults, be that person who loves themselves.  

As cliché as it sounds, realizing that the media's standard of beauty is unrealistic, it is probably the first and most important step. By allowing this to resonate, we not only have more confidence in ourselves but also have more acceptance and respect for each other. 

Copy Editor