Why should you schedule your weekly goals on a Friday?

  • Friday is known to be one of the most down days of the week other than Sunday. On Fridays, you cannot wait until the work day is over so you can kick off your heels watch a movie, go partying with friends or chill out with your love. 
  • Most Fridays you are not really in the mood to work. (Come on you know it is true.) That is why it is the best day to set your goals for the next week. 
  • Think about it. Saturday you are going to be busy getting weekend stuff done. Sunday all you will want to do is get mental rest.  Monday through Thursday you are busy getting things are done for work. So, what day is left to plan? The day when you are less likely to be consumed with work duties, hence "Friday."
  • When your mind starts to wander, quickly take hold and plan your goals, spend a few minutes writing down what you would like to accomplish next week. Try even to plan out your calendar. You will be surprised how much more organized you will feel Monday morning. 

Friday could not be more perfect, to plan, gather, and organize your following week. Give it a go and let us know how it works out for you.