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Travel & Fashion: EMIRATES cabin crew weighs in.

Two-thirds of U.S. travelers spend three hours or less packing

·       45% of air travelers surveyed say they would dress better if they were flying first class as opposed to economy

·       21% would dress better if they were flying on an international flight as opposed to a domestic flight.

·       13% wear nice clothes to make sure they look as good as possible

·       To limit the number of bags, nearly three-fourths of travelers reuse certain outfits.

 Photo by  Arnel Hasanovic  on  Unsplash


1.    Keep a ‘Goodie Bag’ - No matter where you’re headed, there are essentials you will always need. While airlines offer great onboard amenities, keep a Ziploc bag at the ready and simply replenish the small bottles as needed. The Emirates Official Store even features the recently updated The Urban Travellers collection, which is comprised of different pouches in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors.

2.    Assemble a Capsule Collection - Create outfits and pieces that are easily coordinated to create different looks. Think basics: black pants, white jeans, neutral t-shirts, jean jacket. Wear your bulkiest items on the plane to free up space in your luggage and keep you warm during travel.

3.    Statement earrings and a pop of color - Do not travel with precious jewelry in the summer as you are likely going to spend time outdoors, poolside and at the beach. Bring a pair of statement earrings and bangles to add that pop of color.

4.    Roll or Lay Flat? - The great debate! Roll your clothes to maximize space, or lay them flat to minimize creases. Fill suitcase gaps with socks, belts, intimates and hair tools to create a flat surface before laying down clothing.

5.    Prepare for the Plane - Your brain and body will always thank you for a carefully constructed carry-on.

o   Emirates’ Cabin Crew recommend a few hydrating tools (moisturizing lip balm, body lotion, and moisture spray) to keep you feeling fresh in the sky.

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