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The Magnolia Journal To Raise Rate Base To 1.2 Million In Spring 2018


Meredith Corporation has launched The Magnolia Journal, “One of the most successful launches in the history of the magazine industry,” President Doug Olson of Meredith Magazine announced. "In just a year we've generated 1 million paid subscribers. On newsstands, The Magnolia Journal has averaged nearly a 70 percent sell-through rate, compared to the industry average of 25 percent.  And advertisers are clamoring to be in its pages. The Magnolia Journal is a home run in every sense of the word."  

The Magnolia Journal – based on Chip and Joanna Gaines' popular Magnolia brand – debuted in Fall 2016 as a newsstand-only title with an initial run of 400,000 copies and a cover price of $7.99.  Within a week, major U.S. retailers started to request additional copies, citing sold-out pockets across the country, and another 200,000 were printed. The rate base was subsequently increased to 800,000 for the Fall and Winter 2017 issues, and Meredith is already selling more than a million copies of The Magnolia Journal.

The Magnolia Journal will continue to focus editorially around themes, and for 2018, those will include

  • Spring 2018 – Intentionality
  • Summer 2018 – Curiosity
  • Fall 2018 – Generosity
  • Winter 2018 – Contentment

In addition to its strong subscriber base, The Magnolia Journal continues to be available for purchase at major U.S. retailers, the popular Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas and