The Angry Female, V5


We received this letter from a Girl Boss who request to remain anonymous. Let us know your thoughts.



Dear, Style Verify. 
Thank you for creating The Angry Female as a place where we can share things that upset us. I am going to keep this short and to the point. I use social media with the hopes to drive traffic to my website. Social Media platforms should be a bit more open to that by now especially since so many small businesses use its platforms. I want to thank those who like my photos, who even commented, but, what would help my brand grow is if they would click that link in the profile.  Please, don't just 'like,' it's not good enough, trust me I wish it were.



However, if people would take the time out to visit a small business website, that person would see how much more that site has to offer. How creatively talented that business is and how much effort they put in creating a website that is filled with inspiration of something they may need in their life.  I created a hashtag idea, and I hope you will be the first to kick it off. #PLEASEVISITMYWEBSITE  My hope is if we come together this way social media outlets will focus more on genuinely doing more to help small businesses grow. Also, I hope small business owners swallow their pride and share this hashtag.
Thanks so much and I hope you publish this Angry Female's letter. 

*See this article on Apple News too... Search Style Verify on your iPhone.*

Photo Credits: Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash



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