Style News: Millennial Female Doctor Invents Backdrop Tool for Taking Better Social Media Photos


Medium Photo Boards, selected as one of 2017 "Best Gifts for Photographers" is the brainchild of a busy Millennial doctor finishing a grueling residency program.  The idea for Medium Photo Boards occurred while browsing comments on Pinterest during a rare break in her schedule. 

Medium Photo Boards are the first-of-its-kind, ORIGINAL flat lay photography backdrop board available in the USA.  Each surface is a high-resolution image created for the ultra-close-up product photography.


A Disruptive Photography Solution – Ditch the D.I.Y.
Before Medium Photo Boards, photographers, food bloggers, Etsy sellers, and influencers had to either create their backdrop from watching YouTube tutorials. The results varied depending on how skilled the photographer was at Arts and Crafts -  otherwise, they relied on vinyl or paper backdrops which were prone to wrinkling, bending, or tearing.  Medium Photo Boards are a unique "Done-For-You," solution that perfectly "clone" natural surfaces.  It is virtually impossible to distinguish Medium Photo Boards from their real surface counterparts.

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