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Style News: Cosmoprof Bologna Presents 2019 Campaign



Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna presents the new advertising campaign for the next edition, which will take place in Bologna from 14 to 18 March 2019.

The new image, conceived and curated by Heads Collective, will promote the events of the Cosmoprof network - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, Cosmoprof North America, Cosmoprof India and Cosmoprof Asia - on the main national and international media (digital, trade and consumer, billposting, tv).

The images, created by Emilio Tini, represent a boundless beauty, expression of a multicultural society, through the faces and the painted bodies of models of different ethnic groups. The image of each of them is associated with Bologna, Las Vegas, Mumbai, Hong Kong, the cities that will host, during 2019, the Cosmoprof events. The make-up game, which is actually almost a piece of body art, creates an alienating visual effect, in a dialogue between fiction and reality, between the real and the painted faces. In each of us, there is a person with multiple facets that make up can hide or vice versa emphasize.

The same game of shapes and colors is the protagonist of the videos of the campaign, directed by Francesco Meneghini, played on close-ups of the models, which dwell on the steps between the colored side and the natural faces.
In line with the Cosmoprof campaigns, Heads has also developed the image for Cosmopack, the event dedicated to packaging and raw materials, taking up the same colors of the different events to communicate the international development of the salon dedicated to the cosmetics supply chain.

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