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#GOAHEADGIRL: Actress and TV host, Adriana Cataño

Well established actress and TV host Adriana Cataño, born in Miami to Colombian parents, stars in WE tv Network's "My Life is a Telenovela." This new reality show follows the Colombian American beauty and a small group of actors as they compete in the world of telenovelas, glamorous red carpet events, auditions, photo shoots, celebrity feuds, industry events, and other aspects of their lives.

"I hope this reality show will rewrite the stereotype of Latinas in Hollywood and depict us as classy, educated women who speak perfect English," said Adriana Cataño. "I cherish my Colombian roots and I am very proud of being a good example for my daughter and all young ladies around the world. I take pride in all my seminars for teenagers and in the way I've handled my career and personal life."

Joining the main cast is her good friend, telenovela actress Raquenel Portillo, who is trying to leave her scandalous past with Sergio Andrade behind her, but somehow it keeps coming back to haunt her. Liliana Rodriguez also joins the cast as one of Adriana and Raquenel's closest friends during their life struggles and successes. Telenovela heartthrob Gustavo Pedraza and starlet Alina Hernandez also join the main cast. 

Ruthless, Sissi joins as Adriana's former friend turned frenemy with controversial accusations which continue to stir the pot and ignite scandalous arguments throughout the season. Adriana also takes on mentoring newbie Josephine Phoenix and gives her advice on how to deal with the pressures of being a young, beautiful Latina actress in the competitive world of telenovelas.

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