How to help yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed?

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We take care of our physical health by exercising, eating right, and having annual physician check-ups, but what about our mental health?

With the daily stresses that we face from school and work, and pressure from family members and friends—when does it all become too much?

People let their stress, anger, anxiety, or any other type of mental irregularity build up inside of themselves until they cannot handle it and snap. We all don't figuratively snap and hurt ourselves or others, but even blowing up and yelling can still be an extended needed release—though not the best type.

Like many others, I know have struggled with keeping all of my emotions inside until they become too much to handle. I feel the weight on my shoulders. I have learned that taking a deep breath and talking out my problems with a loved one or therapist can help clear my head and refocus my attention on the positive things in my life.

Here a few other ways to help yourself before you get too lost in your thoughts:

  • Write everything down I like to keep myself organized with the help of my planner, where I write down all of my daily tasks and appointments. By doing this, I can stay focused on one thing at a time, and also be sure never to forget anything. 
  • Vent Session If you are lucky to have great roommates and friends to whom you can vent, no matter how stupid or silly your problems are. They will listen and give you the best advice. I cannot even count how many times my roommates and I have sat in our common room and vented and bonded over struggles we are all facing as young people in our early twenties, and I am so thankful for that.
  • Therapy may be the best option. A therapist is a third party who has no biases about your life; they are just there to listen and present you with some tips to help you cope with your overthinking and other struggles.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, just take a deep breath, and remember that you are doing the best you can. It is okay to ask for help. Now, get out there and be your best you!

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