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What Should I watch? A female ran film 'Passage' “Life’s Journey… Unscripted

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  • Type: A female ran film. 
  • Name of Film: Passage. “Life’s Journey… Unscripted
  • About: In PASSAGE, Jessie loses her job and apartment, and she and her young daughter and old cat must move back to her gypsy mom’s place; a trailer built for two. As they contemplate age and priorities, an unexpected event leaves them scrambling for a way to deal with life’s journey. In the end, they discover, life is all about how you choose to tend to your garden.


Jessie’ played by Julia Parker


‘Paris” played by Kruiz Mauga

About the team:
The team of females includes three producers, Linda Palmer, Julia Parker and KrisD Mauga.  Writer and Director- Linda Palmer

Linda is an award-winning writer/director/producer/production designer who has been making films since 1997.  Julia is an award-winning actress with over 50 acting credits, and Kris is a brand marketer, photographer, and filmmaker with a flair for design.

Why you should support this film:
This particular filmmaking group has a solid crew they have been working with for several years, and they have a highly compelling story which is likely to engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds. 

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