I do not get enough support from friends and family to pursue my dreams.

I do not get enough support from friends and family to pursue my dreams.

Just like so many entrepreneurs you are working hard to become established.  You think, with a little shout out from those that are vested, you can position your business into the network it needs to be in to help your business thrive.  However, these people are turning the other cheek on you, and you cannot figure out why. 

Yes, getting into any industry be it music, acting,  is hard unless you know someone or grind until your feet fall off.  I get it.  Well, I know people, and I am grinding, trying to build a brand.  I have made many attempts to showcase what I do to people I know in the business and still I can not get support.  How the heck can I get in if no one is willing to help, at least a little?  What I offer is amazing, my work ethic is stellar, they have said it themselves.

Sadly, receiving praises is just not enough.  In fact, it feels rather frustrating that people in my social circle do not share what I do.  I mean, they say they like it, and they comment, but will not spread the word.  It is almost as if they want to keep me to themselves or do not expect me to grow.

I am passionate about what I am doing.  Moreover, I am going to keep pushing.  Finally, things take a turn, and my hard work is paying off.  I am beginning to have a buzz. The mentions and support are starting to come around from my new connections.  My new contacts are noticing my work.  Confused about my emotions, I cannot help but feel sad but happy and grateful at the same time.  If I get people I do not know from all over the world telling me what I do is amazing, why won't people I know give that same response?  Call me crazy, but I would love some support from my circle of friends and family.

Ultimately, yes, it would be ideal to receive the support for your entrepreneurial endeavors.  Bear in mind. However, you are only in charge of you.  

If you are a friend or acquaintance of someone pursuing a new venture, find out how you can be a positive force and support in whatever way you can.  Be supportive, pay if forward.