If you are suffering like this then it's time for a mental break

If you are suffering like this then it's time for a mental break

Busy in different ways, us women do not know when to quit! Appointments made, gatherings to attend, and deadlines to meet and yet never knowing if our mental state is in a desperate need of a break. 

 Photo by  nick beswick  on  Unsplash

Photo by nick beswick on Unsplash

  • Feeling an intense headache, a stubborn cough, or a sniffle. Your immune system is under attack, and only rest can fix it.
  • Dwelling on the past Living in a time loop on a mistake you made earlier can only stress you out, and no good will come of focusing all your energy on something you cannot change. 
  • When you begin to skip personal necessities. Skipping dinner or sleep can begin to take a toll on you physically and mentally, so allow your body to rest and enjoy that extra scoop of mac & cheese.
  •  So exhausted you cannot sleep. Your body is so wound up it cannot mentally shut down and let your body rest.
  • Feeling anxious and sad all the time you are left with overwhelming emotion, and it consists of anxiousness and sadness. 
  • Taking a mental break and stepping back from stress-induced routines is psychological health 101 and needs to be enforced within the daily lives of women. 

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