How do I stay active during summer break?

Summertime may be a bit of a break from school and the daily grind, but it should not be a break from our goals and working towards a better future.
Sure, we all want to relax during the summertime, and there is nothing wrong with that, but too much relaxation and not enough hard work can throw you off track from completing goals for yourself.

I think it is important to write a list to get yourself motivated and keep an idea of what needs to get done.

My list looks a little something like this:

  • Get in shape!  During the school year, I always seem to put on a little weight, so I want to get in great shape this summer, especially in time for my birthday!
  • Complete my summer classes and get good grades.  Though you may not be taking classes over the summer, you should be keeping your mind fresh and alert with puzzles, books, or even school packets.
  • Work! I have a part-time job which keeps me busy and allows me to make some money.  Working also helps me gain and develop skills such as collaborative work skills, communication skills, and so much more.

So keep a list, post it on your bedroom wall, mirror, or somewhere that you look every day, and, most importantly, hold yourself accountable.  Having goals in mind is one thing, but following through is what counts!

Header Photo by Emily Sea on Unsplash