#GOAHEADGIRL: Girltalk with Michaela Guzy founder of Oh The People You Meet (OTPYM)


Michaela Guzy, a former publishing exec, left her career behind to begin a journey that has since changed her life and touched others. Michaela is the founder of OhThePeopleYouMeet (OTPYM), a video series and content site for travelers, foodies, and philanthropists seeking authentic local connections when traveling. Michaela shares and explains the purpose behind OTPYM, which in the end, is to “bring the destination to life.” She gushes about her time in Africa and teases a little about her web special featuring South Africa. Aside from OTPYM,



Michaela has produced another video series titled Michela’s Map, which she is also Executive Producer, Director, Lead Writer and On-Air Talent, as well as for OTPYM. Additionally, Michaela is active in many travel associations and features on morning news shows as a travel expert, such as Good Morning Washington and Good Morning Connecticut.  Michaela is also proud to be the first advisor to Travel+Social Good, the Corporate Vice Chair of the Junior Committee for The New York Center for Children, serving on the Host Committee for together1heart.