Beauty Cocktails & #Girltalk with actress Ruby Modine

There's something to be said for a multifaceted talent who can segue between acting, singing, and dancing.  However, it is a whole other level when that talent does each expertly and can open a feature film budgeted at a mere $4.8 million which grosses $122 million worldwide in a manner of weeks.



---- Photo by Alizee Lutz

That breakout star is, Ruby Modine, who starred opposite Jessic Rothe, Charles Aitken, and Isreal Broussusrf in Blumhouse's, Happy Death Day which was expected be a quick seasonal opening this past October and has gone to spawn a franchise on the tails of its extraordinary success.



---- Photo by Alizee Lutz

Ruby currently stars in Showtime’s award-winning “Shameless” as the problematic, rebellious character, ‘Sierra,’ on the critically lauded show. Ruby is gearing up for director Christopher Landon's Happy Death Day 2 which will follow a college student who is murdered on her birthday and begins reliving the day over and over again; at that point, she sets out to find the killer and stop her death. 
Join us as we have Beauty, Cocktails & #Girltalk with Ruby. 

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Must have beauty items. I hear you on the eyebrows! I only figured out that I could fill in my eyebrows when I was like...23. It never occurred to me. 
Grand lash MD, mascara and a little bit of foundation. It is important to me that all makeup that I use be animal cruelty-free.


Must sip: Martinelli's Apple cider in a champagne glass! You can make the cork pop with those too.


Hey, Ruby! Why this industry?

I grew up in the industry. I always loved watching the actors' process and play, but besides that fact, I was always dancing, singing and in the theater. That is where I felt the most comfortable. My family is my biggest inspiration and never stopped encouraging me. The one rule? I had to finish all schooling before entering the industry. A great rule! I know that now.

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Don't give up and always work hard...

Many people are under the impression that when you are the second generation, you don’t have to work hard. That is SO FALSE. It sometimes helps to get your foot in the door but when in the room, the expectations are doubly high, and you are on your own. There have been many times that I wanted to quit and give up, but my family always stood by me and helped dry the tears. Another person who has helped me in so many ways is my dear friend Javy Dorrejo who has talked me out of quitting and was so supportive. This is how I overcame those thoughts. Friends and family who stand by you at your worst and offer guidance.



Take deep breaths and stay organized. Chaos breeds more chaos so always keep your areas as organized as possible for a clear mind and perspective. In our business, there is so much that can happen suddenly that having everything within arms reach makes your life more centered and more focused.

We've all done it, made mistakes in the beginning. What was your learning curve and if you could do it all over again what would you have done differently? 
I would have had more faith in my abilities and choices.  Knowing that I have the proper amount of knowledge in my heart and my head. In the beginning, the danger is in having a higher regard for someone else’s vision of your capabilities. I should have been more confident, but I own it now.

Things I use regularly

Pandora and Instagram. Google and YouTube. My Leica camera. My private journal to write my music and thoughts. And probably my car because I live in LA and love to drive around looking at street art, the sky and to road trip as often as I can.



Can you believe you are where you are at now? Let's talk about the past. 

I was a scene girl who hung out with my musician friends in their studio in the Bronx, more than anything.  I was a little punk, to be honest, who threw way too many parties with my friends. I painted a lot and was constantly surrounded by skateboards, art, and music. Don’t get me wrong though; there has been and always will be lots of family time. Everything from my past, good and bad, has served me well in my present and my art.



Photo by Josh Shultz

What tips can you share when it comes to cultivating a good alliance with others in your industry. 
Respect those who you work with and listen as often as possible. Understanding is everything, and as long as everyone is working together, things should go smoothly.



When life throws you lemons, just add BEAUTY, COCKTAILS, #GIRLTALK.  Life obstacles can weigh heavy on your mental and physical wellbeing. How do you stay uplifted, motivated or even inspired to push through and maintain your happiness?Laughter is the key to all of my joy! 
I love to work out, take photos, paint, listen to music and watch movies. I love spending time with my family and friends. road trips out of la are essential. The power of now is great as is the four agreements

Photo by Josh Shultz



Choose to be strong. Have hope that the best is coming and that whatever struggle you are faced with will pass. Avoid negativity at all costs because it is a waste of energy. Love yourself and focus on your strengths. 

  • You've gotta go:  Ischia, Italy!
  • Girl, you betta: Nurture confidence. Don’t take any sh*t!
  • POPCORN + COCKTAILS What is on your must-watch/read list: Oh jeez... That list goes on forever, but let's do three each: 
    1. Women’s bodies, women’s wisdom by Christiane Northrup
    2. The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
    3. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
    1. The Wizard of Oz
    2. Arsenic and old lace
    3. The Young Ones
  • What do you have to say to those aka (men) who say we are too sensitive, emotional, or sarcastic? Umm.... get out of our face and good luck to you!
  • 100 pairs of shoes and only 2 feet!  What was the last thing you bought for yourself? 100 pairs?! Who! The last pair I bought was not me; it was my papa who got me white and green Stan Smith Adidas.
  • Did you enjoy Beyoncé’s performance at Coachella?
    YES! Pandora was amazing!! It is 2018, and she is the first female black artist to be the headliner at Coachella!


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