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Alexandre Vauthier // Fall Winter 2018 Couture

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Twisted Sista Salon Performance Styling Products

Twisted Sista, the London salon-born hair care brand, now has even more to offer curly girls. Twisted Sista continues its product performance makeover in 2016.  Paraben- and sulfate-free, the line addresses common curl concerns, offering customers moisture, frizz control and styling options.

Meet the products in our coconut, avocado and almond oil line:

  • Luxurious Clarifying Shampoo:  Sulfate-free shampoo promotes a healthy scalp and seals in moisture.

  • Intensive Leave-In Conditioner: The answer to big frizz! Super hydrating formula feeds curls, instantly detangles and blocks frizz without weighing hair down. Formulated with wheat amino acids to prevent frizz and strengthen hair.

  • 30-second Curl Spray: Maximize curls in under a minute with a few moisture-rich pumps of this spray.

  • Curl Activator Crème: TWISTED SISTA’S CONSUMERS #1 MUST HAVE: Great on medium coils, this curl crème defines curls and seals in moisture while protecting frizz!

  • Amazing Dream Curls Gel: Recommended for wavy hair, this alcohol-free gel elongates curls while infusing moisture for a crunch-less hold for styles that last up to 48 hours.

  • On shelves this summer:  A NEW styling item to add versatility to the collection.  Frizz Control Straightening Blow Dry Cream keeps hair straight, smooth, soft and protects hair up to 450 degrees of heat from a blow dryer or flat iron. 

How to use Twisted Sista
The key to getting the most out of Twisted Sista products is mixing it up. “Experiment with cocktailing our styling items and see which combination works for you,” advises brand stylist and educator Craig Carter. “Some curls may need both a curl activator crème and a gel, some curls may just need a leave-in conditioner.”

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We found a Rihanna Look alike, Renee Kujur from Chhattisgarh,

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Coach announces the launch of the brand’s global advertising campaign for the Fall 2018 collection with a series of images featuring the Coach gang draped over moss-green vintage cars in New York City’s back streets. Local street art adorns the exposed brick walls, as well as murals picturing the prairie fields and deserts of the Mid-West linking to the soft hues found in the collection.

The gang has an eclectic style, layering vintage wallpaper prints and prairie lace dresses with fringed soft leather biker jackets and teddy-bear style shearling coats. This romanticism and nostalgia are as always counterbalanced with a nod to Coach’s home city of New York – this time with a darker gothic and mystical twist.

American heritage sportswear makes a stronger appearance this season, with cross body bags, rucksacks and Signature print bomber and varsity jackets for both guys and girls. Taking its cue from 90’s streetwear that the brand’s Creative Director, Stuart Vevers, sees on the streets of New York City today, it’s a contemporary way of dressing that has arrived in the world of Coach. 


Accessories as always are central to the collection and campaign. Bonnie Cashin archive iconic styles have been brought back in the shape of leather coats, to sit alongside the Signature print pieces that are so prominent in the collection. Showcasing Coach’s heritage in a modern way, Vevers has also worked with artist Chelsea Champlain and her painterly mystic roses, moths and floral skulls on soft leather Dreamer bags.

Actress and singer Selena Gomez return in her third campaign as the face of Coach. The series of images captures Gomez in the Fall 2018 collection resting on a vintage car. Set on a quintessential New York City street, the images highlight the season’s new bags, with Gomez carrying the Dreamer bag, a new silhouette featuring the Signature print, embroidery and leather detailing. 

This season, the Coach family includes brand ambassadors Japanese actress and model Kiko Mizuhara, Chinese actress Guan Xiaotong, and Chinese actor Timmy Xu. This global casting nods to New York City’s melting pot of citizens and their unique way of dressing each day, which is so key to Vevers’ vision for Coach. This season’s cast also features models Ali LatifBlesnya MinherJoaquim ArnellLily NovaNina GulienRemington Williams and William Grant. Pictured in the campaigns soft back-light and patchwork collaged images, this together reflects the layering of the clothes and how the Coach gang dresses today. 

“I love the way that we have pushed the Coach gang further this season to be more unique, diverse and just overall cool in their attitude,” said Vevers. “It’s how I see people here in New York enjoying wearing clothes and just feels really relevant to me.”

For this season’s campaign, Coach worked with longtime collaborators, including photographer Steven Meisel, creative director Fabien Baron, makeup artist Pat McGrath and hairstylist Guido Palau.

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Photo by: Coach


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Chanel // Fall Winter 2018 Couture

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Balmain Hair Care

The balmain heritage comes from backstage fashion shows!
As part of our heritage as a famous Parisian fashion house, many international designers work with the Balmain Hair Couture Collection for their shows and photoshoots. In collaboration with backstage stylists, Balmain Paris Hair Couture developed a line of bare essentials for the session stylist.

The Power of Silk

Silk contains 17 of the 19 amino acids in hair which creates a strong affinity which:

  • Reconstructs damaged areas to create a smooth cuticle
  • Reinforces hair’s strength to prevent daily damage from styling tools
  • Revitalizes and rejuvenates hair for a soft, supple, shiny result

At the Heart of Hair Couture

Silk protein is an active ingredient which stimulates optimal moisture retention within hair cells. When combined withpowerful antioxidants, the perfect synergy of ultimate hydration and protection is created. Intensely regenerated anddeeply revitalized, hair shines with captivating radiance. Sublime beauty and serenity radiate from within.

Argan Boost

A natural anti-ageing ingredient, creating lustrous-looking shine, repairs and protects damaged, dry and weak hair
from environmental extremes.

Styling for Hair Couture Products

A unique product line of the bare essentials to suit every occasion, creating high fashion finished styling every time.
Presented in clear and clean no nonsense packaging. The ingredients as silk protein and argan oil are key to deliver the best product benefits. 

  • Light weight, versatile styling
  • Rejuvenating instant boost
  • High performance volume


The Collection



Thermal Protection Spray  £26.95 / $40.00

Spray the Thermal Protection Spray on wet hair for an optimal distribution of the product. Creates a lightweight thermal shield that protects the hair up to 220°C/428°F.

Pre Styling Cream   £24.40 / $40.00
Scrunch into the hair and finish with Texturizing Salt Spray for more texture.
The ultimate base for any hairstyle.
Nourishes, prepares and protects the hair.
Controls curls and reduces frizz.

Professional Blowdryer £99.95 / $290.00

The Professional Blow dryer is a premium hairdryer, featuring a long lasting 2000W professional motor which gives a powerful airflow for super-fast drying. The hairdryer is ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable hold and has a rubberized finish allowing for better grip when styling. The built-in ionic generator creates millions of negative ion particles. The ionic technology allows these particles to seal cuticles, infuse moisture, rehydrate, eliminate frizz and provides a silk and smooth end result. Equipped with 3 speed and 4 precise heat settings (including cool shot function), the blowdryer helps to prevent heat damage to protect natural shine. Features a 3m professional power cable that allows for flexible styling.


Professional Ceramic Curling Wand (25mm) £99.95  

The Balmain Professional Ceramic Curling Wand is designed for professional stylists and provides the ultimate styling surface that gives the curls more bounce and shine. The ceramic barrel technology with even heat conduction eliminates the damaging hot spots found with other irons. Designed without a clip, which eliminates any kinks a clip may cause. The protective cool tip gives a safe place to hold the hair in place while curling, and the built-in safety stand allows to place the iron down securely during styling. It features an automatic shut-off function, which disables the Curling Iron after 60 minutes of inactivity.

• Ceramic Wand for faster heat distribution and consistent heat
• Multiple heat settings from 80-230°c/176-446°f
• Including Travel Heat Mat, 4 Hair Clips and a Luxurious Heat Resistant Pouch

Professional Ceramic Curling Iron (38mm) £99.95

The Balmain Professional Ceramic Curling Iron 38mm was designed for professional stylists and offers ultimate styling possibilities for curls full of bounce and shine. Evenly distributed ceramic barrel technology eliminates harmful hot spots associated with other curling irons. Ceramic is known for emitting a large number of hair-care ions and emits a far-infrared heat: the hair we support to maintain its own moisture. Gentle, silky curls in a fraction of the time.

• 360º rotatable, 3.6m long professional cable
• Multiple heat settings 160ºC-230ºC (5 degrees per setting)
• 30 minutes auto shutdown

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7 Tips for Healthy Hair

Tip # 1: Have the Right Equipment
Even during the summer months, it is recommended to have a suitable hairbrush: while those plastic or metal damage the cuticle of the hair and the scalp, natural brushes based on boar hair release the follicles of the hair from their grease, dust, dirt and give them a natural shine.

Tip # 2: Be Sensitive
To wash your hair every day or one, two or three times a week: every person has their own habits. However, it should be noted that wet hair is particularly sensitive because the cuticles in the scalp are open. Specialists therefore usually apply a hair mask in preparation for washing, which helps to treat the cuticles and allow for a thorough cleansing of the hair. Finally, let hair air dry or use an infrared hairdryer for optimum and healthy results.

Tip # 3: Care Consistency is Key
Hair is exposed to many aggressions throughout the summer: UV rays, chlorine, sea salt or wind - all help to dry it, make it dull and difficult to style. Fortunately, there are solutions to prepare it for a harsh drought: a protective shampoo color will restore the color of hair, provide shine and intensive care for damaged hair. Follow through with a conditioner from the same range for best results.


Tip # 4: Prepare. Prime. Protect.
It is vital that when using heated appliances to dry and style your hair that a pre-styling cream and a heat protector is applied so that your hair is likely to become dry and damaged from the heat. It’s just an extra 30 seconds to your routine that could save you from the savage split ends!

Tip # 5: Take care of your Tips
Your ends will probably not keep a good memory of the summer: they are very exposed during this period and will dehydrate quickly, provoking breakage and devitalization. The consequences: the hair will split at the ends. However, with the right remedy, you may be able to ensure a quiet summer: in addition to your regular haircut, a delicate shampoo and rehydrating and specific products to treat split ends should be applied.

Tip # 6: Inner Beauty
It's the inner beauty that counts - and it's also applicable to your hair. That's why you can allow healthy growth by adapting your diet: vitamin A, for example, will make the hair soft, it is found in peppers or apricots. This will give you even more desire to prepare a delicious smoothie or a succulent summer salad. Vitamin B, which is found in large amounts in meat and eggs, will improve the metabolism of the hair root, while zinc and biotin will increase hair growth and keratin production.

Tip # 7: Fresh Hair in a Flash
No time to wash your hair? This scenario is timeless and can turn your day into a nightmare. Still, dry shampoo can surely save you! It is fast and easy to use, perfumes the hair and restores its freshness. You just have to put it on your out-of-bed-look and in the blink of an eye you would have a perfect look for the whole day!

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Photo credit: Header image: Photo by Philipe Cavalcante on Unsplash

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash


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Beauty, Cocktails & #Girltalk with Actress Victoria Konefal

Beauty Cocktails Girltalk, V5

Beauty, Cocktails & #Girltalk with Actress Jessica Lu

Beauty Cocktails Girltalk, V5

Beauty Cocktails & #Girltalk with actress Ruby Modine

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EMMAUS™ - 3 Step Product System to Reveal Smooth & Glowing Skin

Emmaus Beauty is a unique and luxurious skincare line that uses the very best of nature and technology to enhance the appearance and texture of your skin. We use premium natural ingredients scientifically proven to improve problem areas while incorporating the cutting edge technology of Plant Stem Cells into our products.

Infused into each product is Emmaus’ blend of four active plant stem cells: Egyptian Blue Lily, Bluebird Hibiscus, Red Flower Silk Cotton, and Arabica Leaf. Glycolic and salicylic acids are vital ingredients found in Emmaus products that target Keratosis Pilaris, uneven skin tone, and rough textured skin. Baobab, Coconut, Grape Seed, and Sunflower Seed oils provide much-needed moisture to the skin.
Emmaus Beauty Three Step Product System:

Smiling Beads Body Wash: Cleanse and buff away dirt, grime, and dead skin cells with the help of Pumice Powder, Sunflower Seed Wax, Glycolic acid, and Salicylic acid. Recommended use: Apply and massage on damp skin 2-3 times per week. Use a sponge for a deeper cleansing experience.


A touch of Love Mini Towels: Massage these mini towels over your body to eliminate rough/dry patches, as well as bumps caused by Keratosis Pilaris. These luxurious towels are soaked in a proprietary blend of Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid, Witch Hazel, and Arginine. Recommended use: Massage a mini cloth over clean, dry skin 1-2 times per week.

Softness Bliss Body Lotion: This rich non-greasy lotion further exfoliates your skin with the help of Glycolic and Salicylic acid, while a combination of Baobab, Grape Seed, Sunflower, and Coconut oil protect and nourish your skin. Recommended use: Massage gently onto the body daily.


Product Sizing & Suggested Retail Price:
Emmaus™ Smiling Beads Body Wash - $60.00, 10 oz.
Emmaus™ Touch of Love Mini Towels -  $70, .33 fl. oz. per towel / ten towels per box
Emmaus™ Softness Bliss Body Lotion - $65.00, 10 oz.
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Photo credit: EMMAUS


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Get a glow that’s out of this world.

Meet my Shimmer Bomb Kit. Get my new (and extra INTENSE) Shimmer Scrub, Magic Shimmer Oil & Illuminator. 3 natural, shimmery products that will leave you glowing from top to toe...

Shimmer Scrub

Did you want more shimmer? You got it. The same coffee and sugar body scrub that had a 50,000 babe waiting list are back - with 3x the shimmer. Gold & silver mica make you glow like a hot alien. Vegan.

Shimmer Scrub
frank body

Magic Shimmer Oil
A natural dry oil for your body that moisturizes skin and blurs marks, like magic. Not sticky, nor tinted, just a hydrating oil with a subtle shimmer. Nut-free and Vegan.



Available at www.frankbody.com


 For babes who want that lit-within-glow without having to pay for organic. Made with mica, coconut & jojoba oils my 100% natural illuminator smoothes on and stays on while improving skin from the inside-out.


Available at www.frankbody.com

Frank Body Glow Mask

Fancy a morning quickie? 5 mins to go & glow.

frank’s super quick, morning mask will give you the best O glow you’ll ever have. Pop it on your naked face for 5 minutes and experience an intense caffeine hit to the skin and mind-blowing berry goodness that will leave you glowing. Enjoy twice weekly or whenever you’re feeling frisky. The lightweight natural formula has no hidden nasties and is gentle enough for even the most sensitive of babes. It’s all about putting love into your skin, not taking things out. Goji Berry Extract: should be renamed the Glowji Berry, #letsbefrank. Shea & Cocoa Butters: intensely hydrating for that flushed look. Arabica Coffee Seed Oil: Like a double espresso for your skin. The high caffeine content gets your blood pumping. Cranberry & Raspberry Seed Oil: sweet, plump fruits to give you sweet, plump cheeks. Use in combination with frank’s Sweet Cheeks face range.



GOJI BERRY EXTRACT - Chosen for its high caffeine content. Richin antioxidants and Vitamin E.

SHEA & COCOA BUTTER - Deeply hydrating and rich in antioxidants. These butters form a breathable protective barrier.
COFFEE ARABIC SEED EXTRACT - The high caffeine content tones and plumps skin and Vitamin E makes you soft & smooth.

CRANBERRY & RASPBERRY SEED OIL - High in Vitamin E and A, and contains essential fatty acids with Omega 3, 6 and 9. Seal the deal with one of his moisturizers.
frank body Glow Mask, 80ml at $21.95

Available at www.frankbody.com

All orders qualify for worldwide delivery!

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Photo credit: Frank Body


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Girl Boss Alert: Creative Director, Brittani Denise Hunt

Brittani Denise Hunt @brittanidenise is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of HerSpace Co., a lifestyle brand created by and for the modern woman looking for a space to call her own. As a brand, HerSpace Co provides content, tools, and experiences that nurture, educate, encourage the modern woman toward the best version of herself. 


While juggling the demands of being a wife, mother, being a ministry leader and having a career in higher education, Brittani continues to push HerSpace Co's brand forward with the highly sought after, Layered Living Planner and a newly launched line of apparel. 

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Beauty, Cocktails & #Girltalk with our cover girl actress Malin Akerman

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Red Carpet Premiere and After Party for Starz "Power."


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The 6,000+ seat theater was filled with cast, crew, influencers, and fans who were treated to a special performance of “Big Rich Town” by 50 Cent and world premiere screening of the “Power” Season 5 opener. Attendees included cast members Omari Hardwick, Lela LorenNaturi NaughtonJoseph SikoraCurtis “50 Cent” Jackson (Executive Producer), Rotimi AkinoshoLa La AnthonyJerry FerraraMatthew CedeñoShane JohnsonMichael Rainey Jr., William SadlerBrandon Victor DixonLarenz TateRichard Ryker, Mike Dopud, Franky G, Avry Mason, Joe Perroni, Bill Sage, Michael J. Ferguson, Ty Jones, Donshea Hopkins, J.R. Ramirez, Andrea-Rachel Parker, Adam LaVorgna, Shannon Thorton, Domenick Lombarozzi; Creator and Executive Producer Courtney A. Kemp, Executive Producers Mark CantonRandall Emmett, and Gary Lennon, and Co-Executive Producers Bart Wenrich and Shana Stein.

Additional guests included Kyle Anderson, Casanova, Dapper Dan, Jamila Davis, Nathaniel “Bamz” De la Rosa, Larry Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Gia Peppers, Sonny Hostin, Phaedra Parks, Gary Doudan, Erica Ash, Stephen A. Smith and Tyrod Taylor

Power” Season 5 premieres on STARZ on July 1st, 2018 at 8:00 PM ET/PT,and on the STARZ app and STARZ ON DEMAND starting at 12:01AM ET

Photo credit: Starz