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Girl Boss Alert: Creative Director, Brittani Denise Hunt

Brittani Denise Hunt @brittanidenise is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of HerSpace Co., a lifestyle brand created by and for the modern woman looking for a space to call her own. As a brand, HerSpace Co provides content, tools, and experiences that nurture, educate, encourage the modern woman toward the best version of herself. 


While juggling the demands of being a wife, mother, being a ministry leader and having a career in higher education, Brittani continues to push HerSpace Co's brand forward with the highly sought after, Layered Living Planner and a newly launched line of apparel. 

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Photo credit: CHillDesigns Photograph


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Girl Boss Alert: How to get employees back into work mode after holidays!

Nick Murphy, a career expert and founder of The Job Lab Podcast, has some tips for leadership on how to make it easier for employees to get back into "work mode" and catching up after a long holiday.

 Photo  by

Photo by

  • Realize that people are people and cut them a little slack that first morning back. It's normal to catch up with colleagues and friends about the long weekend and get any stories out of the way early on. If they're not focused by Day Two, then it's fair to remind them that "we're here to get a job done" and encourage them to focus on it. 
  • Consider planning a team-builder or other event for the first day back. Sometimes it's hard to go from 0 to 60 right away, and something work oriented, but not routine, can be a great way to motivate employees to hit it hard when they get back to their desks.  Some ideas include: announcing quarterly award winners, trip tracker standings, special recognition, a charity team-builder, or the announcement of a new contest starting immediately.
  • Time any exciting announcements to coincide with the first day back, and definitely don't bring bad news to your team on Day One. They're coming in (presumably, much like you are) rested and refreshed. Inspirational news or positive business updates can get the fire lit faster and eliminate the possibility of a sluggish start to the work week.

Nick is a veteran workplace expert has held leadership positions at CareerBuilder, Monster and Indeed before launching his thought leadership and consulting services business, Job Spot in 2014 and later, Mid-America Careers.

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Girl Boss Alert: 3 most powerful black women in music industry & how they got there: Ethiopia Habtemariam, President Sylvia Rhone, Juliette Jones

This week’s Billboard cover story features a trio of the most powerful black women at the three major-label groups, Motown Records President Ethiopia Habtemariam, Epic Records President Sylvia Rhone, and Atlantic Executive VP Juliette, Jones.

These women are redefining leadership in a music business that – with label revenue strong, Spotify stock rising and startups proliferating – requires a wider talent pool than ever, from blockchain engineers to bilingual vocal coaches. Says Epic president Sylvia Rhone: “Aspiring female executives will be able to find their place in this music ecosystem – and change the world."

How Ethiopia Habtemariam Became Universal Music Group's Most Powerful African-American Woman: 'I Love Proving People Wrong


Ethiopia Habtemariam on others trying to negate her success: “I heard people say, ‘Oh, she got the job just because she’s a black woman and they’re just trying to cover their asses,’ ” she says. “OK, cool. Even if that was the case, it’s on me. What am I going to do to make an impact and assure that other people get these kinds of opportunities in the future? Plus, I love proving people wrong.” 

How Sylvia Rhone Became Sony Music's Most Powerful African-American Woman: 'Many Questioned My Ability'


Epic Records President Sylvia Rhone on being a woman running a label: “As a woman, you have to come from a position of confidence,” she says. “There’s a certain gift that women have in their management style that’s more inclusive than a male counterpart’s. One of the keys is to always be your best self. There’s no secret formula to it. You just have to understand that you’re managing a team of people, whether it’s two or 100, that is far more important than you.” 

How Juliette Jones Became Warner Music Group's Most Powerful African-American Woman: 'It's Important We Use Our Power to Support Each Other


Atlantic Executive VP Juliette Jones on the frustration of being a female exec often mistaken for a groupie at shows: "Consistently in my career, when I’m with artists, I’ve been harassed because it’s assumed the woman is a groupie,” says Jones. “Ten men with no credentials will walk ahead of me, but security will stop me. ‘Oh, that’s right,’ ” she says, laughing. “ ‘I’m here to try to sleep with Young Thug.’ ” 

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Photo credit: Shot by Sami Drasin exclusively for Billboard 

More Credits: 


Jorge Mejia

Caption: Jorge Mejia photographed on June 13 at Sony/ATV Music Publishing in Miami. Grooming by Sarah Leddick at Zenobia Agency.

Credit: Jeffrey Salter

Juice WRLD

Caption: Juice WRLD photographed on June 18 at The Dream Factory LA Studio in Los Angeles. Grooming by Christina Guerra at Celestine Agency. Styling by Shane Gonzales at Midnight Studios.

Credit: Cara Robbins

070 Crew

Caption: From left, 070 Malick, Phi, Ralphy River, 070 Shake, and Treee Safari photographed on June 13 at 934 Music Studio in Totowa, NJ. Hair and Makeup by Kristy Strate using IT Cosmetics at Ennis Inc.

Credit: Matthew Salacuse

Ethiopia Habtemariam, Sylvia Rhone, and Juliette Jones

Caption: Ethiopia Habtemariam, Sylvia Rhone, and Juliette Jones photographed on June 1st at Line 204 in Los Angeles. Habtemariam: Hair by Alex Armand. Makeup by Melanesia Hunter. Rhone: Hair and Makeup by Hector Rosario. Jones: Hair by Justine Marjan. Makeup by Joanna Simkin at The Wall Group.

Credit: Sami Drasin

Taeko Saito

Caption: Taeko Saito and her dog Joonbug photographed on June 15th at Downtown Music Publishing in Los Angeles. Hair & Makeup by Chechel Joson at Dew Beauty Agency.

Credit: Yuri Hasegawa

Ivan Berrios

Caption: From left, DJ Khaled and Ivan Berrios photographed on June 18th in Los Angeles.

Credit: Sami Drasin

Dasha Smith Dwin

Caption: Dasha Smith Dwin photographed on June 13th at Sony Music Entertainment in New York. Hair and Makeup by Monae Everett at Epiphany Agency.

Credit: Mackenzie Stroh


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Girl Boss Alert: GOAT Announces New Chief Operating Officer Lizzie Francis

GOAT, the world's largest marketplace for authentic sneakers, today announced the appointment of Lizzie Francis as its first Chief Operating Officer. Francis will report to CEO and Co-founder, Eddy Lu In this new role, Francis will oversee the global expansion and operation of both GOAT and Flight Club's retail and online marketplaces, which serve more than eight million users globally. Francis will also focus on advancing an improved sneaker shopping experience for GOAT's female user base, which has experienced exponential growth over the past year.


"Lizzie's world-class experience in building and scaling commerce brands will be instrumental in our global growth, and will help us build GOAT and Flight Club into the preeminent platforms for buying sneakers," says Eddy Lu, CEO, and Co-founder of GOAT. "We're thrilled to add to our leadership team someone who truly shares our passion for innovative and customer-centric commerce experiences."

"GOAT has done a remarkable job of scaling into the largest marketplace for authentic sneakers," says Lizzie Francis, COO at GOAT. "I admire the impact both of its brands have made in the space -- pioneering a service that uniquely addresses the demands and needs of sneaker shoppers and sellers -- with a model that points to what the future of commerce can be. I'm excited to help continue innovating on the way we discover, buy and sell sneakers."

Prior to joining GOAT, Francis held executive-level operating and marketing roles focused on footwear, consumer products, and services at various companies. She currently serves as Founder and Partner at Brilliant Ventures. Previously, she served as Chief Marketing Officer of Gilt Groupe and was Chief Marketing Officer and President of (now TechStyle Fashion Group).

The executive leadership expansion follows GOAT's merger with sneaker consignment pioneer Flight Club, and a new funding round of $60 million announced in February of this year. GOAT now operates three offices and three retail locations in the United States, with 400 employees and $97.6 million venture funding to date.

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Photo credit: GOAT


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TRUWOMEN Launches Female-Powered Nutrition Brand

TRUWOMEN, an LA-based nutrition company, is making its official debut with the launch of its first product offerings, TRUWOMEN bars, and powders. Inspired by the spirit of dessert, the playful lineup of four flavorful bars and two powders made with plant fueled™, protein-packed and clean ingredients. Introducing a first-of-its-kind food category called "indulgent nutrition," TRUWOMEN is dedicated to encouraging women to treat themselves in healthy, nutritious ways that promote positive self-image and self-care while satisfying cravings for decadent taste. Beyond its tasty bars and powders, TRUWOMEN brings its perspective of women-centric product design to its business practices by prioritizing female-led or -owned vendors and partners.   


In a world where "healthy" and "good taste" rarely goes hand-in-hand, TRUWOMEN boldly sets out to bring consumers a brand that celebrates amazing flavor and nutrition instead of calorie counting, dieting and body image stereotypes. The company wants to move the industry away from shaming terms like "thinking thin," "slimming fast" and "being perfect." TRUWOMEN understands women often put needs before wants and aims to marry the two with products that give women the nutrition they need and taste they crave.

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Photo credit: TRUWOMEN


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Girl Boss Alert: Interior Designer Niki McNeill

Niki McNeill,  an interior designer, living & loving in Raleigh, NC. Niki is passionate about living a well-designed life and serving others along the way.  

Images by Amber Robinson | Niki M | Sequins


She believes that every space needs a little bit of vintage + a splash of brass;  a southern girl to the core, who loves playing dress up, and that feeling you get in your stomach right as an airplane takes off.

Her Design Firm, SingleBubblePop, began in the fall of 2007 as a way to catalog her journey from pre-med student to interior design professional. The name SingleBubblePop came from the image that she would often meditate on when meditating, Niki would attempt to make her mind so quiet that she could hear a single bubble pop. 

Over the last ten years, her followers have watched her graduate from design school and work in residential + commercial interior design. She even made her way onto HGTV working as a production assistant for, where she learned some of the magic that goes into making interior design content for TV.  In 2011, She had the opportunity to put some of that knowledge to use as a featured designer on HGTV's "Design Wars." What an amazing experience! And, then joined the design team for the Emmy winning show "Elbow Room" which aired on HGTV and DIY network.

Working in television production and on large-scale renovation projects was thrilling, and further challenged Niki to continue her education to serve more aspects of the design industry.

Images by Amber Robinson | Niki M | Sequins


That path lead her back to school to complete my interior design degree and enter into the world of architecture! Preparing construction documentation for commercial projects gave her a whole new perspective on the detail that's required to make a space both function and beauty.

Niki's business belief is that the spaces we live, work & play in have a significant impact on our well-being.  You can find out more about this on her blog as she writes about inspirational lifestyle content, style, and of course, interior design!

Images by Amber Robinson | Niki M | February 2017

SingleBubblePop has been recognized by Southern Living, House Beautiful, and more as a blog to follow, and she continues to create notable original content & give behind the scenes look into her design projects. SingleBubblePop Design Studio was founded in 2010 and has delivered staging, a full-service design, renovations and custom furniture solutions to clients in the southeast US.

Images by Amber Robinson | Raleigh Wedding Photographer | niki D


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Photo credit: Images by Amber Robinso



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Girl Boss Alert: Photographer, Amber Robinson

Amber is a Raleigh wedding and portrait photographer. Also, owner of Images by Amber Robinson. 



"Photography has always been a passion of mine. I can remember from a very young age begging to use my daddy's Canon AE-1(which I have on display in my studio), always wanting to take a picture of something. Anything, and everyone who would indulge me with a smile. My love for photography grew from there. "

Today, Amber is still telling stories and creating memories through her lens. Not just for herself but many others. She considers it the highest privilege to be invited by someone to capture moments and memories that serve as forever reminders of specific moments in one's life. 

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Style team: Photography by ASHTON KELLEY PHOTOGRAPH



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Girl Boss Alert: Chef Adrianne Calvo has been nominated for the People's Choice Best Chef of Miami 2018 award

Adrianne has been nominated for the People's Choice Best Chef of Miami 2018 award by the Miami New Times, which was given to four other chefs as well. 

Chef Adrianne Calvo headshot

Adrianne is the only woman to earn a nomination for this award furthermore, 5 years in a row. Additionally, her restaurant is the only one that is not built in a densely populated area (South Beach, Downtown Miami, etc.) Chef Adrianne and her restaurant, Chef Adrianne's Vineyard Restaurant, and Wine Bar, are proof that you do not have to fit the typical mold of a restaurant or restaurateur in order to be a thriving success. Calvo's restaurant is regularly listed among the finest in all of South Florida, even though it is located in a quaint, rural area known as the Hammocks. She has spent her life breaking down barriers and this nomination is proof that she has no intention of stopping now. As she says, "this one's for the girls." As she hopes to inspire the younger generation of upcoming female chefs.

About Chef Adrianne
As Executive Chef and Owner of Chef Adrianne's Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar, author, and television personality, Adrianne Calvo has built her career on the foundation of creating Maximum Flavor. She has an extensive inventory of recipes, with four cookbooks under her belt: Maximum Flavor (2005), Chef Adrianne: Driven by Flavor, Fueled by Fire (2008), #MaximumFlavorSocial (2014) and Play with Fire (2015), with a fifth book, The A-List, currently in production.

While studying at Johnson & Wales University, she participated in more than 40 national competitions, earning first place in ten and runner-up in the others. Since graduating at the top of her class in 2004, Calvo transitioned into her professional career and became the youngest chef to work at the five-diamond Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Miami. There she had the opportunity to master her craft by working under Executive Chef Patrick Lassaque, who had been the executive pastry chef of the Ritz Carlton in Paris for twenty years.

Since opening in 2007, Chef Adrianne's Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar has taken its claim as one of the Top 50 Miami Restaurants, according to Yelp, Miami New Times Readers' Choice 2016 "Best Restaurant" and "Best Chef", as well as Thrillist's "Best Restaurants in Miami Right Now."

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Photo Credits: Adrianne Calvo



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Girl Boss Alert:Tori Spelling Hosts New Reality TV Series On Beauty And Fashion Backed By Industry

Sinclair Broadcast Group is slated to launch THE LOOK: ALL STARS, a new hour-long make-over beauty competition format created by Dreamventure Productions, beginning, Sunday, June 24th across their CW and MyNetwork affiliates.

tori spelling kim vo

---Page 44

The weekly series is a unique partnership between a production company and broadcaster, featuring a comprehensive approach to bridge TV, digital, social media, and integrate brands from the beauty and fashion industries.

Viewers can learn more about the show, participants, products used and see behind the scenes by following @thelookallstars, #thelookallstars.


Hosted by actress Tori Spelling, with Style Guru Kim Vo, THE LOOK: ALL STARS is an upbeat head-to-toe makeover competition show featuring two teams of beauty and fashion experts at the top of their game, performing real-world and aspirational transformations. The show provides a platform to elevate hair, make-up and fashion industry artists by showcasing the latest and greatest in beauty tools, products, and fashion trends. THE LOOK: ALL STARS will highlight talent, allowing established names to pass on their knowledge and excitement to viewers. The makeovers will provide inspiration and specific 'how-to'-s in two themed timed challenges.

tori spelling dean mcdermott

"I've been in the Fashion, Beauty and Media landscape for quite some time, and I have not seen anyone come up with such a great concept before - one that really fills the needs of working on all elements of 'style,' bringing them together so well. Casting best-in-class competitors and carefully chosen celebrities, top social influencers, and stars of the beauty world, I am very excited to be leading this project at Sinclair, and looking forward to seeing it comes to life with our partner, DreamVenture Productions" - Rida Khan, Head of Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Programming, Sinclair.

The audience engages with the show through a 360-degree approach that includes trying on featured looks in real time through leading AR app Perfect365. Additionally, the audience can experience the products used on set through product giveaways promoted on social media. Through the show's website and social media platforms, the TV series will offer tutorials, color formulas, beauty recipes, and special product promotions.

Many professional beauty partners and products are highlighted throughout the episodes, including Aquage; Biosilk; Chi; Conair Professional; Esquire; HairTalk; Minerva; Obliphica; Olaplex; Rusk; Schwarzkopf; TIGI; Zadro; WetBrush; Sportsclips with American Crew, Joico and Paul Mitchell; BSG CosmoProf, and the Professional Beauty Association.

Beauty legends, fashion icons, recognizable names from entertainment, and top social media influencers are featured on the show as judges and special guests. One team per episode wins the grand prize that includes a VIP vacation package from Westgate Resorts.

THE LOOK: ALL STARS is all about the positive, showing amazing makeover transformations and the techniques that allow anyone at home to get the same look!

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Photo Credits: The Look All Stars



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Ready to Launch Your Business? Try Setting Up Shop in These Hot - and Affordable - Startup Cities

New York and San Francisco have long lured entrepreneurs ready to launch their startups. 


---PAGE 31

New York and San Francisco have long lured entrepreneurs ready to launch their startups.  However, the costs associated with setting up shop in those cities are astronomical.  The average commercial rent in these cities is $80.00 per square feet per year.  If most of your capital is spent trying to make rent, well, San Francisco and New York start looking a lot less attractive.

FitSmallBusiness-com Best US Startup Cities

Are there equally appealing cities that are cheaper? Indeed,, the digital business publication, researched and analyzed 41 of the largest metropolitan areas and hottest startup cities to help the budding entrepreneur choose the best one to start a business.  The publication analyzed the merits of each city using data compiled from the U.S. Census Bureau, Startup Genome, and CBRE Group to provide you with the full definitive list found HERE.


  1. Atlanta
  2. Seattle
  3. Chicago
  4. Boston
  5. Dallas
  6. San Diego
  7. Minneapolis
  8. Austin
  9. Los Angeles
  10. Philadelphia

Methodology based its ranking of the best startup cities on eight metrics, and assigned the following weights for each category based on the category's importance:

  1. Number of startups – 17.5 percent
  2. Venture capital funding – 17.5 percent
  3. Tech talent pool growth – 15 percent
  4. Population concentration of Millennials – 15 percent
  5. City GDP – 10 percent
  6. College degree rate – 10 percent
  7. Mean travel time to/from work – 7.5 percent
  8. Cost of living – 7.5 percent

"I think the biggest surprise from this study is that there is no geographical trend," says Eric Noe, Editor-in-Chief, "That's great news for soon-to-be entrepreneurs who can use this list and pretty much set up shop in any given part of the country."

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Girl Boss Alert: Mariya Nurislamova & Rachel Ten Brink of SCENTBIRD makes their mark with a $18.6 MM

SCENTBIRD, the subscription-based fragrance company, announced today it has successfully raised $18.6 million, one of the largest series A funding rounds secured by a direct-to-consumer brand led by a female CEO.

SCENTBIRD Lifestyle Image

The digital company will use the proceeds to accelerate product innovation and market expansion with an added focus on consumer experience and new talent.

The under the radar beauty company, with 95% of revenue from subscriptionscaptures 1% of the multi-billion-dollar prestige fragrance market and strives to double that number in the next year.

"We are excited to launch SCENTBIRD into the next stage of its growth," said Mariya Nurislamova, CEO, and Co-Founder. "Attracting investors who understand the unique digital landscape and what we offer consumers, will bolster our position in the beauty industry on a larger scale. This funding shows the investors' confidence in our team, the market opportunity, and our mission. It will allow us to keep moving at a fast pace while cultivating the creativity and technology to continually build our brand."

Funding was led by Goodwater Capital, a next-generation consumer technology firm, and joined by Y Combinator, Rainfall Ventures, FundersClub, Soma Capital, Scrum Ventures, ERA, and others.

"We are excited to support Ms. Nurislamova and the SCENTBIRD team on their mission to transform the beauty space and change the way consumers approach fragrance," said, Eric Kim, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Goodwater Capital. "At Goodwater Capital, our focus is on supporting entrepreneurial innovators who are not only disrupting product categories but who are also challenging the status quo."

Since the company's initial seed round, SCENTBIRD has grown from only 400 subscribers to now over 250,000 subscribers across the United States, demonstrating the brand's value and consumer adoption. In the past year, SCENTBIRD has shown growth of over 110% and has extended their sampling service to include a range of namesake personal care and home fragrance products in addition to their growing catalog of 500+ men's, women's, and unisex fragrances.

SCENTBIRD is co-founded by Mariya Nurislamova (CEO), Sergei Gusev (COO), Andrei Rebrov (CTO), and Rachel ten Brink (CMO).

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Photo Credits: SCENTBIRD



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Girl Boss Alert: Guess what Demi Lovato is launching now.

Fabletics is excited to announce their continued collaboration with Demi Lovato with a fresh Summer 2018 collection. Following the immense success of her last capsule collection that sold out in record time, the singer's summer lineup offers a mix of performance and lifestyle looks that are sold as separates or fully styled outfits.

Fabletics Demi Lovato

Demi's new collection is inspired by her everyday life on her current Tell Me You Love Me world tour, and includes styles she can wear on the road to feel confident and ready to perform. Demi's cool and edgy style is embodied throughout her latest collection, featuring fun, sexy silhouettes that blend high functionality with bold fashion statements.

New styles include sports bras in all support levels, high-waisted leggings and cropped tops for the most flattering look – all with novelty designs like racerback, multi-strap, semi-sheer power mesh and soft jersey fabrication details while also providing peak performance moisture wicking in a range of styles. The collection is featured in a versatile color palette of desert rose, pewter, and moss with contrasting greys refreshing your wardrobe with soft, yet bold colors for Summer. The collection also brings back customer favorites, such as the Stretto outfit that sold out in just a couple of days.

With Fabletics' mission to empower women by making a healthy, active lifestyle accessible to everyone regardless of size, shape, age or ability - the new Demi Lovato for Fabletics collection reinforces their shared commitment to inclusion, female empowerment, inclusivity and body positivity. 

Of her new collection, Demi Lovato said, "I'm so excited to continue working with Fabletics to launch a cool, new collection for Summer! I took inspiration from my tour and wanted to give my fans a collection of styles that make me feel confident.  Whether you're on the road or at home in your everyday routine, these pieces are intended to brighten your mood and inspire everyone to have fun staying active."

The Demi Lovato for Fabletics Summer collection is available across 10 countries and on Fabletics.comas well as the 24 Fabletics stores nationwide starting May 16th. The collection ranges in size XXS-3X with short, medium and long inseams, and is designed with every shape, style, and activity in mind.

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Photo Credits: Fabietics



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Girl Boss Alert: Fashion Designer Rebecca Minkoff will be a keynote at ideation 2018

Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff will serve as guest speaker for ideation 2018. This year's conference will be held in Miami Beach from October 3- 5.



Rebecca Minkoff's subtle, edgy designs have made her an industry leader in accessible luxury. Rebecca Minkoff is a global lifestyle brand that spans ready-to-wear, handbags and accessories, footwear, jewelry and watches, luggage, and swim in over 900 stores worldwide.

An industry leader, Rebecca is an active member of the CFDA, has spoken at dozens of conferences such as SXSW, Fortune's Most Powerful Women, and TEDx, and supports multiple philanthropies. She is also an industry disruptor, pushing the boundaries of fashion and tech. Rebecca lives with her husband and three children in Brooklyn, NY.

"There are key lessons for our customers to learn from Rebecca," said Karsten Newbury, senior vice president and general manager Software Solutions at Gerber Technology. "She is absolutely at the intersection of business and technology, leveraging in-store, digital and social connectivity in ways that are driving exponential success for her brand. Leveraging digital technologies in the right way is what separates winners from their competitors these days, and our integrated Digital Solutions are focused on giving our customers this competitive edge."

Rebecca is committed to innovation and technology making an impact for her customers. She has live-streamed and used drones for her runway shows and is partnering with Intel on motivating women on STEM and she has developed wearable technology. Her retail stores, labeled as "The Store of the Future" by The Wall Street Journal, were some of the first in the industry to utilize technology to build a better experience for the millennial female customer.

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Girl Boss Alert: Claire Sulmers Speaks out about the take down of Fashion Bomb Daily

Doesn't she look the BOMB in that yellow?


we still have the website

Claire Sulmers founder of one of the most sought out online fashion websites shared a post today talking about Instagram shutting down her account filled with over 1 million followers. Claire starts out by saying "When Life Gives You Lemon, Make Lemonade." Then continued to share what she has learned in the days of losing her Instagram account Fashion Bomb Daily.

At 1.4 million followers, we were flying high, churning out content like a machine. Then Instagram decided to pull the plug, and we were left to twiddle our thumbs as the Instagram judge and jury determines our fate.
Working in fashion has never been easy for me. From the beginning, I was told that I wasn’t made for fashion, told ‘No’ more times than I could count, slept on bathtubs and crashed gates until I managed to create something I didn’t even realize the world needed: a platform where fashion lovers who didn’t fit into the traditional box could see themselves reflected in the screens looking back at them.

Read her full post here

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Photo Credits: Claire Sulmers website



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Girl Boss Alert: L'Oréal Paris Announces Amber Heard As New Global Spokesperson

LOreal Paris - Amber Heard


Fearless, witty and smart, defying definition and rejecting convention, meet the Hollywood actress and committed woman making her voice heard.

"I have always loved the fun of beauty and the power of transformation," says Amber Heard. 

To become a spokesperson for this dynamic, world-loved beauty brand that’s been telling women were worth it since before I was born, and to join the L’Oréal Paris family of changemakers is such an honor. I feel like these women – my fellow ambassadors – represent a voice, a power, a movement, an opinion.
— Amber

"One of a new generation of actresses rewriting the script when it comes to having a voice in the world, the energy Amber Heard brings to her philanthropy, to her advocacy and her performances make her a powerful ambassador for L'Oréal Paris.  As we take 'Because I'm Worth It' beauty into 2018," says Pierre-Emmanuel Angeloglou, L'Oréal Paris Global President.

A Texas native who grew up breaking horses, Heard is the first to admit that she never really imagined herself in the world of beauty, though she did dream of beauty pageants as a young girl.

From her breakout role in "Friday Night Lights," the actress has brought her radiant on-screen dynamism to romantic comedies, thrillers and more recently in superhero blockbusters: as Mera in Justice League, reprising the role of underwater Queen for 2018's much-anticipated Aquaman.

At 32, she's a campaigner for equality in Hollywood, calling for female characters and stories to be written and made by women and has philanthropic commitments at home and abroad. Amber is an outspoken advocate for women's, children's and LGBTQ rights. A believer in the healing power of art, Heard is also a member of The Art of Elysium, an organization empowering artists and needy communities to thrive through art. She recently returned from a humanitarian trip to Jordan to visit Syrian refugees with the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) – an organization doing lifesaving work. In 2018, on the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Amber will be joining forces with the UN Human Rights Office.

Next up, Heard will share the screen with Elisabeth Moss in Her Smell, and then be seen in the romantic thriller Run Away With Me. Making her first appearance for L'Oréal Paris at the Cannes Film Festival 2018, the actress will star in the "Worth It Show," a talk show to honor women in cinema, beauty and beyond and inspired by the most-recognized brand slogan in the world.

"Over the years I've always thought not just to be an actor, but to use my voice as a platform for good to make the world a slightly, slightly better place and empower women the best that I can," says Heard.

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Photo Credits: L'Oréal