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Editor's Pick: Jo Malone Cologne

Jo Malone Cologne. Wood Sage & Sea Salt. Mingling with the woody earthiness of sage. 


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The Editor's kitchen: Pereg Quinoa Flakes

Pereg Quinoa Flakes is the perfect snack to munch on anytime throughout your day. Gluten-Free, non-GMO, kosher, vegan, whole grain, kosher for Passover & year round. 

Pereg-Quinoa Flakes.jpg

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The Editor's Desk: My Infinite Agenda

An agenda with a purpose plus it's attractive and the perfect alternative to a regular calendar.  If you are looking for an agenda that not only keeps you organized but also uplifts, encourages and help satisfy your mental wellness then My Infinite Agenda is for you.

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This particular Agenda is in support of Days for Girls. 
Days for Girls’ vision is for every girl and woman in the world to have available access to quality sustainable hygiene & health education by 2022.
Grab yours here

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The editors closet: What we'd buy for our Man? Ezra Arthur Pocket Comb

Durable, sleek and attractive is Ezra Arthur metal pocket comb.  The comb features 18-coarse teeth and 27 fine teeth.

Ezra Arthur Pocket Comb .jpg


Made with the highest grade of 410 stainless steel offering both exceptional wear and corrosion resistance. Combs come with a hand-stitched Leather sleeve, made with Full-Grain premium Horween® Chromexcel® Leather. Makes a great Fathers day gift.  Grab yours here.

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affinitas-intmates copy copy.jpg

Usually, when it comes to bras you have to sacrifice one thing over the other. If it gives great support then it tends to come in a boring color with zero thoughtful design. And if its a stylish one, then wearing it will make you feel like the bra isn't doing its actual job. Luckily,  Affinitas Intimates is here to help with our issues. Affinitas Intimates is a lingerie brand that offers a large variety of fashion-forward bras that fit sizes A to DDDD. These comfortable bras come in a mesmerizing collection of different designs, and fabrics that promise to give you an extra confidence boost. Also, did we mention, they're totally affordable? With prices starting at $19.99,  those are just more reasons why this brand is #girlverified. 

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#GIRLVERIFIED: AnaOno Intimates, keeping breast cancer survivors looking sexy.

ana-ono-1 copy copy.jpg

The dispiriting truth:

In the U.S. alone, one in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, thus will need to go through some invasive surgery.

While yes, these surgeries are obvious lifesavers, women diagnosed with breast cancer will have to adjust with many life-changes. Some are sadly no longer able to fit into their regular bras. Dana Donofree, the creator of AnaOno Intimates, knows first hand what it feels like to shop for lingerie that just does not fit right after a winning battle with cancer. On top of benefiting the women affected, AnaOno also gives back to breast cancer foundations with the purchase of certain bras like the Jennifer and the Jill. So by combining stylish lace with comfort and flair, these bras are sure to make any woman regain their confidence, and for that, AnaOno Intimates are #GIRLVERIFIED. 

The website provides a sizing guide with information on who specifically the bra is tailored to.

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#GIRLVERIFIED: Fullips Liquid Matte Lipstick

Fullips, known for their red lip enhancers, has an impressive lipstick line to help paint the perfect pout. And today, we are girlverifying their Liquid Matte Lipstick in Pink Suede. This matte lipstick creates soft pillowy lips while also giving it a subtle lift. It creates a long lasting color that suits all skin tones. Plus it doesn't shift, although the lipstick is very moisturizing, so you won't have to worry about finding traces of it all over your clothes after a long day. 


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#GIRLVERIFIED: What is a Jade Facial Roller and why should you use it?

What-Is-Jade-Rolling-and-Should-You-Be-Doing-It copy 2.jpg
What-Is-Jade-Rolling-and-Should-You-Be-Doing-It-2A copy copy.jpg

Jade facial rollers have been around forever it seems. It is a simple stone that is believed to have healing properties for your skin. There is a simple technique when using it which is making it so prevalent in the beauty industry. The stone is oblong and made solely of jade about an inch long and attached to a sleek metal frame. It reminds you of a paint roller. 

Apparently, it has been used for centuries in ancient Chinese medicine. It is used to remove negative energy and create balance to your 'chi.'. It is pretty much a good energy, beautiful spirits remedy. 

Jade facial rollers are great for under the eyes and the smaller areas of the face. It has an excellent massaging feel, and you know how much we love a great massage. 
Some of the ways it helps your skin:

  • It helps with skin absorption
  • Massages your face and gives it a relaxed feel
  • Helps to get rid of under eye darkness and puffiness. 
  • also, Increases circulation

Have you tried the Jade facial roller? Share your thoughts. 

What to read & Watch?, Editor's Pick

#GIRLVERIFIED: What to read? Devil in Ohio by Daria Polatin

Devil in Ohio by Daria Polatin-1.jpg

Award-winning playwright, producer and writer, Daria Polatin's debut novel, Devil in Ohio, is the gripping thriller novel of the year. Twist and turns abound as the reader journeys through the story of Jules's and Mae's complicated yet unnerving relationship. Jules returns home one day to discover that her psychiatrist mother has brought home one of her patients , Mae, to spend a few days with the family. But slowly, Mae begins to take over Jules's life and her stay seems indefinite. Things get scarier when Jules begins to piece together Mae's horrifying past and discovers that she is a survivor of a strange Cult - strange enough to carve a pentagram into someones back. What's scariest is that Mae's past will stop at nothing to return into her present. A serious page turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours upon hours. 

Devil in Ohio
By Daria Polatin

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#GIRLVERIFIED: Natural Annie Essentials Candle

#GIRLVERIFIED are items that are sent to us. We try, and IF we love it, we share it. 
Today we are sharing naturalannieessentials.
It is a delightful soy candle, and the scent we tried was citrus bliss. 
This candle made our office smell amazing and the burn time is satisfying. We burned Citrus Bliss for eight days straight for about four hours or more a day and still have not used up half of it. That's a huge deal. 
We do recommend that you #GIRLVERIFY it yourself. Please see our terms. Click this link to grab yours. Enjoy. 

GV-PRODUCTS-1 copy.jpg


To get your item #GIRLVERIFIED go here

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#GIRLVERIFIED: Grand Cosmetics

Grande brow-md-GIRLVERIFIED-1.jpg

GrandeLASH-MD created with a proprietary blend of vitamins, peptides, and amino acids plus conditioning ingredients. GrandeLASH-MD is considered safe, efficient, and results can be seen in as little as four weeks (with full results in 3 months). Buy it here

GrandeBROW is an award-winning brow enhancing serum is infused with a unique formulation of vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids to promote naturally fuller, bolder-looking brows in just six to eight weeks, with full results in four months. Buy it here

*These views are of GIRLVERIFY own. Please see our terms and conditions. 

To get your product #GIRLVERIFIED go here


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#GIRLVERFIED Boppy Classic Feeding & Infant Support Pillow

Image by Creative + Genius Media/Network

You would never believe who are the biggest critiques when it comes to products. If they are not happy, then you will not be happy. We are talking about, babies. I am sure many parents can agree with us when we say, If your infant does not like something, you will know almost immediately. When it comes to new moms, they are always seeking great advice, the best products, the best places, schools and more; especially when it comes to a new born and a first-time mom.  So, of course, it is important that before we share something baby, we do our best to get it #GIRLVERIFIED by the very people that may find it useful, Moms.

Boppy® sent BCG Editors their Classic Feeding & Infant Support Pillow, and we handed it over to a brand new mom in her 30's and asked her to give us feed back after 30 days. 

“ Boppy is very versatile, comfortable, and visually festive which my daughter seems to love. I have always heard breast feeding was uncomfortable, so I dreaded starting it out of fear. Once I put the Boppy in place, I was able to adjust my daughter to where I needed her, allowing both her and I to be comfortable in what is considered a not so comfortable situation for me. I honestly like Boppy, and feel it is a product every mom should have. 
— Leslie M., New York, Department Director, of a large Academic Medical Center

Boppy is #GIRLVERIFED."  

Get your Boppy here.  


*These views are of GIRLVERIFY own. Please see our terms and conditions. To get your product #GIRLVERIFIED go here

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Crown Pro Angle Brush #C532

The Pro Angled Contour's compact head allows for a very controlled application of foundation, cream, and contour products. The brush is soft and smooth on use. 
Retails at about $16.00/
Grab yours here

Or check out a full set below. 


Like this photo? Download it here

*Have you tried Crown Pro Angled Contour Brush? Share details on your experience in the comments below or email us at hello@girlverify.com


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#GIRLVERIFIED: Kate Spade mitts!

This product is #GIRLVERIFIED. 
Our Editors wanted to put a few cooking mitts to the test. So we cooked up some donuts. We will not mention the ones who lost. However, we will mention the one that won. Our favorite is the diner striped oven mitt, in green. Not only did it reassure us what we were cooking up was 'all in good taste' but it is stylish and functional. 

Add Kate Spade Diner Strip Oven Mitt to your shopping list. 

kate-spade-diner stripe oven mitt

Photography by C+G Media Network. 

kate-spade-diner stripe oven mitt

Photography by C+G Media Network. 

Photography by C+G Media Network. 

Unfortunately we couldn't find this one anymore but we were able to locate our next in line. 

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#GIRLVERIFIED: The Giving Bride, fashion with a purpose!

The Giving Bride is not about giving the Bride everything she needs to look sexy and stunning on her wedding night and carrying them over to her everlasting honeymoon, but it stands behind purpose-driven causes sure to encourage to do more for others. The Giving Bride is a merge of luxurious lingerie and philanthropy wherein 10% of their proceeds goes to women-driven charities such as A Safe Place, which helps women who suffered from domestic violence. After touching, seeing and feeling the beautiful fabrics and seeing the tasteful designs, we must say, The Giving Bride is #GIRLVERIFIED.

See some of our faves. 


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Stewart Stand Business Card cases

This Item is #GIRLVERIFIED. 

Stewart/Stand Business/Credit Card Cases. Our editors are carrying them everywhere they go.  One is to hold our business cards, debit cards, and maybe even our license and the other to keep business cards that we receive when we head out to events. It is lightweight, yet sturdy.

The Stewart/Stand Business/Credit Card case is pocket-sized with a snap closure. It features rich black premium full-grain leather + accents of triangle textured stainless steel textile on the front.

We know you love the look but what makes this handy card case even more unique is the textured stainless steel block unauthorized transmission from RFID enabled credit cards & IDs. Love that! Add them to your shopping list. #GIRLVERIFIED

NEXT UP: NARS Lipgloss

How can we say this in a lovely way? Chelsea Girls lip gloss by NARS is one beautiful color that can wear all year long. We have a diverse of editors, and every one of us can carry this lip gloss everywhere we go. We love the long lasting effect.  #GIRLVERIFIED

KIKO Milano  Unlimited Stylo, Cocoa just came across our desk, and we are pretty smitten with it. Honestly, this brand of makeup is just as fabulous as the other high-end brands but with the low-end price you prefer. We were honestly surprised at how long it lasted and how smooth it went on. When your lipstick does not cost over $18 for some reason, you might give it the side eye. Females, it is okay to pay under $10 bucks for excellent quality. In fact, this brand is all the rage in Europe. #GIRLVERIFIED #GOAHEADGIRL add it to your shopping list.

Illustrations by Nicola Styles

Product, Editor's Pick

#GIRLVERIFIED: Marta Scarampi Ready to wear collection

A big 'cheers' to the fashion industry finest. Marta Scarampi ready to wear collection. Her mission is to provide sophisticated, global women unique, high-quality pieces to wear year after year. We have highlighted some of our FAVES, and so are ours. See full coverage in our digital magazine.

See full coverage in our digital magazine.