#GIRLVERIFIED: What is a Jade Facial Roller and why should you use it?

What-Is-Jade-Rolling-and-Should-You-Be-Doing-It copy 2.jpg
What-Is-Jade-Rolling-and-Should-You-Be-Doing-It-2A copy copy.jpg

Jade facial rollers have been around forever it seems. It is a simple stone that is believed to have healing properties for your skin. There is a simple technique when using it which is making it so prevalent in the beauty industry. The stone is oblong and made solely of jade about an inch long and attached to a sleek metal frame. It reminds you of a paint roller. 

Apparently, it has been used for centuries in ancient Chinese medicine. It is used to remove negative energy and create balance to your 'chi.'. It is pretty much a good energy, beautiful spirits remedy. 

Jade facial rollers are great for under the eyes and the smaller areas of the face. It has an excellent massaging feel, and you know how much we love a great massage. 
Some of the ways it helps your skin:

  • It helps with skin absorption
  • Massages your face and gives it a relaxed feel
  • Helps to get rid of under eye darkness and puffiness. 
  • also, Increases circulation

Have you tried the Jade facial roller? Share your thoughts. 

#GIRLVERIFIED: What to read? Devil in Ohio by Daria Polatin

Devil in Ohio by Daria Polatin-1.jpg

Award-winning playwright, producer and writer, Daria Polatin's debut novel, Devil in Ohio, is the gripping thriller novel of the year. Twist and turns abound as the reader journeys through the story of Jules's and Mae's complicated yet unnerving relationship. Jules returns home one day to discover that her psychiatrist mother has brought home one of her patients , Mae, to spend a few days with the family. But slowly, Mae begins to take over Jules's life and her stay seems indefinite. Things get scarier when Jules begins to piece together Mae's horrifying past and discovers that she is a survivor of a strange Cult - strange enough to carve a pentagram into someones back. What's scariest is that Mae's past will stop at nothing to return into her present. A serious page turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours upon hours. 

Devil in Ohio
By Daria Polatin

The Magnolia Journal To Raise Rate Base To 1.2 Million In Spring 2018


Meredith Corporation has launched The Magnolia Journal, “One of the most successful launches in the history of the magazine industry,” President Doug Olson of Meredith Magazine announced. "In just a year we've generated 1 million paid subscribers. On newsstands, The Magnolia Journal has averaged nearly a 70 percent sell-through rate, compared to the industry average of 25 percent.  And advertisers are clamoring to be in its pages. The Magnolia Journal is a home run in every sense of the word."  

The Magnolia Journal – based on Chip and Joanna Gaines' popular Magnolia brand – debuted in Fall 2016 as a newsstand-only title with an initial run of 400,000 copies and a cover price of $7.99.  Within a week, major U.S. retailers started to request additional copies, citing sold-out pockets across the country, and another 200,000 were printed. The rate base was subsequently increased to 800,000 for the Fall and Winter 2017 issues, and Meredith is already selling more than a million copies of The Magnolia Journal.

The Magnolia Journal will continue to focus editorially around themes, and for 2018, those will include

  • Spring 2018 – Intentionality
  • Summer 2018 – Curiosity
  • Fall 2018 – Generosity
  • Winter 2018 – Contentment

In addition to its strong subscriber base, The Magnolia Journal continues to be available for purchase at major U.S. retailers, the popular Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas and magnoliamarket.com.

#GOAHEADGIRL: Sonia Guzmàn paves the way for positive change in America's business landscape.


A recent National Women's Business Council survey revealed an 86 percent increase over the last decade in the number of Latina-owned businesses in America. On the forefront of this dramatic rise, strong Hispanic female leader Sonia Guzmàn paves the way for positive change in America's business landscape, while creating powerful products that serve the needs of previously overlooked communities. 

While the Hispanic population is one of the fastest growing in the U.S., numbering 50 million and projected to reach 130 million by 2050, American beauty and wellness companies largely neglect the needs of this growing consumer segment, marketing products that are tailored to the non-Hispanic population. It was after losing a close family member to cancer that Guzmàn recognized the lack of quality health and wellness products available to her community and decided to make a change.

In 2013, Guzmàn founded Carson Life and introduced over 50 products for hair, beauty, health, and sports nutrition uniquely customized for Hispanic men, women, and families. Driven by the excitement of bringing a bold idea to life, Guzmàn uses her 12-plus years of sales and marketing experience in fortune 500 companies to spearhead a new movement in beauty and nutrition. 

Now, as Founder and CEO of Carson Life, Guzmàn is taking Latina entrepreneurship to the next level and proving that she has what it takes to build a global empire. After only five months on the market, Carson Life products earned a premium position in every Walmart in Puerto Rico. In just 18 months, they were picked up by three of the world's largest retailers. Building a successful nationally recognized brand is easily one of Guzmàn's proudest accomplishments, but the journey is filled with challenges.  "As a startup, you always experience growing pains as the company evolves," she says, "every time we get into a new retail channel, it's like a new baby – we get to learn new things and watch it grow."


In the midst of a constantly changing business landscape, Guzmàn relies on strong work ethic and a positive mindset to see her through. Described by her peers as a "go-getter," Guzmàn believes that passion and perseverance are the keys to success. "Nobody said the road is going to be easy," she says, "But never giving up is what sets you apart from the rest. When you build something with passion and determination, only good things can come of it." Based on the results of her efforts to grow Carson Life into a worldwide brand, Guzmàn is proving that to be true.

View fact sheet here

Creme of Nature Expands Its Certified Natural Ingredients Hair Care Line With Styling Products Infused With Coconut Oil


Trusted hair brand Creme of Nature is releasing seven new styling products with the Certified Natural Coconut Milk Collection, designed to moisturize and protect hair while achieving the latest hairstyles. These new curl-loving products are infused with coconut oil to provide nourishment from the roots to ends while aiding in detangling dry, lifeless curls and transforming them to look and feel healthy. 

"Catering to your curls with the finest natural ingredients just got even easier with the styling products from our Certified Natural Coconut Milk Collection," said Teneya Gholston, Creme of Nature's Director of Marketing. "Kinky, coily, wavy or curly, we've designed our newest styling products for every natural girl — from 3a to 4c — to look and feel beautiful with high-quality products at affordable prices." 

There's something for everyone with Creme of Nature's Certified Natural Ingredients new styling products with Coconut Milk. Whether you're looking for added moisture, damage control, definition or shine, Creme of Nature has you covered, additionally, the entire line is free of sulfates, mineral oil and petrolatum.

  • Creme of Nature® Coconut Milk Curl Repair Leave-In Cream ($5.99; 11.5 oz.), perfect for every curl, this hydrating repair cream detangles and moisturizes dry, damaged hair, preventing damage and restoring body and shine.
  • Creme of Nature® Coconut Milk Hydrating Curling Cream ($5.99; 11.5 oz.), this curl-defining cream leaves you with long-lasting, moisture-rich curls. Ideal for twist-outs and wash-n-go's, this product provides elongation and curl definition, hold and shine.
  • Creme of Nature® Coconut Milk Moisture Curl Milk ($5.99; 8.3 oz.), this lightweight daily moisturizer works to improve manageability, prevent breakage and define curl while providing superior hydration.
  • Creme of Nature® Coconut Milk Curl Quench Foaming Mousse ($5.49; 7 oz.), a frizz-fighting and curl-defining mousse that provides medium hold, leaving curls soft, defined and full of body. This product is ideal for a flexi-rod or roller set for full, bouncy curls.   
  • Creme of Nature® Coconut Milk Essential 7 Treatment Oil ($5.99; 4 oz.), seven of your favorite oils including Coconut, Olive, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Argan, Shea and Sunflower oils, this repairing oil smoothes your curls and provides shine while locking in moisture and protecting your hair from breakage.
  • Creme of Nature® Coconut Milk Shine & Hold Control Glue ($4.99; 5.1 oz.), an alcohol-free maximum-hold gel that sculpts hair and adds shine.
  • Creme of Nature® Coconut Milk 24 Hour Edge Tamer ($4.49; 2.25 oz.), smoothes, holds and controls edges for 24 hours, leaving behind no residue.

The new products will be available at beauty supply stores nationwide. The Creme of Nature Coconut Milk Curl Repair Leave-In Cream, Creme of Nature Coconut Milk Essential 7 Treatment Oil and Creme of Nature Coconut Milk Moisture Curl Milk will also be available at Walgreens.

#GOAHEADGIRL: Girltalk with Michaela Guzy founder of Oh The People You Meet (OTPYM)


Michaela Guzy, a former publishing exec, left her career behind to begin a journey that has since changed her life and touched others. Michaela is the founder of OhThePeopleYouMeet (OTPYM), a video series and content site for travelers, foodies, and philanthropists seeking authentic local connections when traveling. Michaela shares and explains the purpose behind OTPYM, which in the end, is to “bring the destination to life.” She gushes about her time in Africa and teases a little about her web special featuring South Africa. Aside from OTPYM,



Michaela has produced another video series titled Michela’s Map, which she is also Executive Producer, Director, Lead Writer and On-Air Talent, as well as for OTPYM. Additionally, Michaela is active in many travel associations and features on morning news shows as a travel expert, such as Good Morning Washington and Good Morning Connecticut.  Michaela is also proud to be the first advisor to Travel+Social Good, the Corporate Vice Chair of the Junior Committee for The New York Center for Children, serving on the Host Committee for together1heart.

A Royal Baby Shower for a Royal Addition


To help welcome a little prince, this finely detailed baby shower delivered regality through the intricately designed castle arch and a powerful blue and gold color theme. Even the yummy treats, complete with crown shapes, helped make this special baby shower as royal as possible. 

Photography by Krystal Zaskey Photography



Mowgli Rescue launched a millennial-driven social media campaign this week to promote their recent rescued dogs for adoption

Mowgli Rescue - PuppyBra - Collage

Mowgli Rescue has launched a millennial-driven social media campaign this week to promote their recent rescued dogs for adoption, which has ultimately led Instagram models to replace their typical bras for puppy bras.

Stephanie Kay Meyer, the founder of Mowgli Rescue, says the majority of her organization's supporters are young women in California and New York - mostly models, actors, photographers, artists, entrepreneurs, and social media celebrities. "I could not operate this non-profit without the help of these amazing young adults within my community. It has been really cool to watch how optimizing our social media platforms have carried the entire organization's efforts. About 80% of my fosters, adopters, supporting brands, and opportunities come through Gen-Y reaching out and wanting to be involved through Instagram. And that is what Mowgli Rescue is really about - promoting the importance of animal welfare and rescuing animals to the next generation of pet owners, policymakers, and leaders." Meyer has seen the influence social media holds first hand, that she has thought to use it for her 2017 campaign strategy by teaming up with other optimistic young women, including photographer Frankie Mark, who is published in Vogue Italia and C-Heads Magazine, and model Destiny DeLisio, co-founder of Models of Compassion, to produce a social media campaign that includes over 30 female influencers posing topless with rescued dogs who need homes – hence, the #puppybra.

Meyer says, "Instagram models can sometimes receive negative feedback from the public for not being positive role models, so I thought this is the perfect opportunity to show how these young women can still be fun and flirty, while also promoting positivity at the same time."

Check out the behind the scenes video by director David J. Falossi II here <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJz9qy81jdw>! Produced by Capri Creative <http://www.thecapricreative.com/> and Freeborn Productions <http://www.freebornproductions.com/>

#GOODMEN: Colorist Michael Canalé


Michael Canalé is pushing the standard in the hair industry after being titled the most sought-after colorist and co-creator of “The Rachel.” Best known for being Jennifer Aniston’s long-time colorist.(He, along with stylist Chris McMillan, created the coif that later became known simply as the "Rachel"), Canalé is frequently called upon by celebs, models, and industry elite for his innovative technique and a keen eye, including, Jennifer Aniston, Heidi Klum, Shakira, Penelope Cruz, and Carolyn Murphy. Since the beginning of his career, Canalé has been a real pioneer of his style, leaving clients with hair that is healthy as it is gorgeous. Highly regarded for his corrective color method, he focuses on the natural beauty of hair, making sure to protect and prevent damage.

unnamed (5).jpg

If that was not enough, Michael Canalé has created Canalé, a gentle but effective line of products using hypoallergenic formula. Four products that work together as a core system to cleanse, condition, nourish and thicken the hair. Including a dry "touch up" shampoo, which helps extend the time between water washes- creating a virtuous circle of less frequent and gentle washing that extends color life and improves the condition, starting at the follicular level.
On top of his line of hair products, Canalé has been voted "Best-of-the-Best" by Allure Magazine 14 years in a row and praised by Vogue as "not only really good; he is really fast." Canalé personally travels between locations in Rancho Santa Fe, San Francisco, Dallas, New York, Washington DC and Beverly Hills, making sure that each of his clients gets the hands-on attention they need to look and feel they are very best. With over 30 years' experience, his work has been recognized and published in Allure, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Women's Health, Elle, Marie Claire, Redbook, Glamour, and New Beauty, to name a few. Most can agree, Michael Canalé is a rare talent and definitely among the best in the industry.

What kind of Energy are you giving off?


What kind of energy are we harvesting, harboring, harping on, or emitting into the universe, or onto each other? Is it our best, our worst, or somewhere in between? Do you even care? How are you doing, I mean, not superficially, but deep down inside? Do you feel spiritually clean, whatever that means for you, or how you define it? How is your energy? Also, please, don’t even think about lying to yourself. The thing is, we cannot hide from ourselves, but you already knew that.

Should we expect the best outcomes for ourselves, when our spirit and intentions differ? If we are carrying around negative energy and giving off that vibe, how can we expect some positivity to come to pass? Easy. We just do, but this makes no sense. I am convinced that we are more than words, actions, and physical things; we are energy—unseen but felt like souls, auras, and vibes. Our truth runs free in this form, and no matter how much we try to hide, lie, or push things deep down below skin, it will eventually penetrate and show up in our spirit.

So, might it serve us and others in our experience well to check in on our energy and all of those things that we cannot see, just as much as we are willing to improve all that’s visible on the surface? I say, YES! Yes to internal self-check. Recognize the powerful force that you are beyond words and flesh. 

Header Photo by Suresh Kumar on Unsplash

Ring in the year of the Glow-Up with Showpo


2017 is wrapping up and it's almost time for New Years or what I'd like to call resolution season. A time where get together with our gal pals and share what we are going to accomplish in the upcoming year. Are you looking to make 2018 the year of the glow-up? That's where Showpo comes in. Instagram famous Australian fashion brand Showpo, is best known for their ultra trendy statement pieces but their expansive product line also has super cute athleisure gear that is sure to keep you motivated throughout the year. Showpo has a fashionable piece for every taste preference so we can all celebrate the year of the glow-up in our own stylish ways! 

For the Party Goers

Nothing screams party like a LBD, but this sheer remix takes our favorite classic to an all-new and cutesy level. 

For the Trendsetters  

Create a bold look for the upcoming new years party by layering these warm coats over a lace cami top with a fitted skirt and high heels that will let you dance the night away while making a fashion statement. 

For the Fitness Queens

These athleisure tops come in trendy cut-out and mesh paneled designs that are sure to make you look and feel amazing while you work to achieve those body goals! 

A Master Bedroom Suite Home Addition


Sleek meets hints of shabby chic in this gorgeously decorated addition to a Master bedroom. The marbled countertops, shiny surfaced tables and round edges reminds us of modern design while the color coordinated decor, blue paneled door and white roses gives this room a shabby chic undertone. 

Photography by Jasmine White Photography


#GOAHEADGIRL Actress: Marlyne Barrett

unnamed (1).jpg

Marlyne Barrett, Brooklyn-born, and Canadian-raised actress stars as
"Maggie Lockwood" on the hit NBC series "Chicago Med," which returns to prime time on November 21st (Tuesdays 10/9c). She is best known for her work in some critically acclaimed television series and well known to audiences for her dynamic portrayal of Council President Nerese Campbell on the critically acclaimed HBO series "The Wire." She was also Ian McShane's trustworthy attaché Thomasina on NBC's "Kings" and played Felicia Marquand on the popular FX series "Damages," opposite Glenn Close and Rose
Byrne. Additionally, she recently appeared on John Ridley's ABC series "American Crime."

unnamed (3).jpg

On “Chicago Med,” her character, Maggie Lockwood, is the head charge nurse in the emergency department of Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, who is the eyes, ears, and brains of the emergency department. Barrett had the opportunity to draw from her own life, not only is her mother an ICU nurse and her sister a doctor but Barrett herself, as a promise to her parents, went to school and received a degree in nursing before going on to pursue
her lifelong dream of becoming an actress.

Throughout the years Barrett has also been a part of the Dick Wolf universe with numerous guest appearances on "Law & Order," "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," and "Law & Order: Trial by Jury." It was no surprise when in 2015 Barrett returned to the Dick Wolf fold, but this time, as a series regular in the prolific producer's NBC medical drama "Chicago Med."

In addition to television, Barrett uses her voice and platform to shine a light on the injustices that continue to happen in Canada. As a victim of sexual assault herself, Barrett has aligned herself with the
Montreal-based *The Way Out / La Sortie A nonprofit organization that offers help and support to victims of sex trafficking. In addition to helping The Way Out, Barrett is hosting a Gala this upcoming weekend to help raise funds aimed to build and staff a safe house for victims of sex trafficking to live as they rebuild their lives and enter back into society.

Flirty M.A.C. products that will make your Winter look pop


Winter is quickly approaching and the StyleVerify team and I couldn't be more excited! Scenic snow-filled landscapes, warm fuzzy socks, and all of the delicious eggnog your heart desires. We're also very excited for all of the glamorous makeup looks we'll create together. To help you get started, we've compiled a list of M.A.C. products with vibrant colors that pop and let you create bold yet flirty looks for the winter season. With these products, you're sure to flawlessly stand out from the crowd.  

Snowball Pigment and Glitter Kit in Pink

Snowball Pigment and Glitter Kit in Pink

Snowball Pigment and Glitter Kit This limited edition set of pigments and glitter comes in fun flirty shades of pink. They are highly pigmented, making them perfect for a holiday cut-crease or a glamorous smoky eye. And did I mention it all comes with a super cute rose gold sequin bag complete with a disco ball tassel? Major heart-eyes! 

Dazzleshadow in Let's Roll

Dazzleshadow in Let's Roll

Dazzleshadow $18.00: A title that lives up to its promise, the dazzleshadow is sure to make your eyes dazzle and shine. A glitter eyeshadow that leaves minimal fallout so you don't have to worry about eyeshadow on your cheek as you dance the night away. This highly pigmented red bronze shade gives your holiday look the perfect chic pop. Pair it with their gold eyeshadow, I Like 2 Watch, on your lid to add dimension and extra glamour. 

Versicolour StainA liquid lip that's a creamy combination of lip gloss and lip stain. That means your lips can stay glossy, soft and moisturized all night long. Plus, this bright cherry red is lightweight enough to be used as a blush. Simply sheer the color out on your cheeks to add a flush of red to your look. And voila! 

Versicolour Stain in Resilient Rouge

Versicolour Stain in Resilient Rouge

Extra Dimension Blush in Rosy Cheeks 

Extra Dimension Blush in Rosy Cheeks 

Extra Dimension Blush $28.00 : This color true blush is the perfect finish to your flirty holiday look. They come in various shades of radiant pinks and luminous champagnes that create a natural effect since they are not shimmery. Plus, they are pigmented enough to be used as an eyeshadow as well! Don't you just love it when you can create various looks with just one product? 

Photos provided to SV by M.A.C

Style News: Katie Maloney of the hit show Vanderpump Rules, will launch two shades of lipstick

Katie Maloney a member fo the addictive hit show "Vanderpump Rules, which returns for a 6th season Monday, December 4th, @ 9/8c launches her new celebrity beauty collaboration for her thriving online destination Pucker & Pout!

Katie Maloney.jpg

Katie has always had a passion for all things beauty and loves sharing her tips with the everyday girl, so she created the hugely popular beauty and lifestyle blog Pucker & Pout. Maloney is pleased to announce that she has collaborated with celebrity makeup artist Julie Hewett to create two shades of matte lipstick that are universally flattering and go from day to night, and vice-versa. 

Now every woman can just have two lipsticks in her bag. The lipstick shades, made from Hewett's signature formula, are aptly named "Pucker," which is a bright pink, and "Pout," which is a sultry nude shade. The Julie Hewett x Pucker & Pout collaboration will officially launch early 2018. 

Header image via

Highlights from this Weeks Build Series

This week, some of our favorite Celebrities, Paul Feig, Jeffrey Donovan, Jennifer Nettles, Joe
Keery and Ashanti stopped by the BUILD Series' state of the art studio in NYC to discuss their new projects and get up close with fans.

The Build Series is unlike any interview session you've ever witnessed before because it's unedited, live and fully immersive. Meaning, BUILD Series audience members are actually part of the conversation. It's a meaningful way to get an honest behind the scenes look into the amazing projects your favorite celeb is currently working on.

image: Photo by Joe Russo taken at the BUILD series

image: Photo by Joe Russo taken at the BUILD series

Photo by Joe Russo.

November 27 

Director, Producer, Screenwriter and Actor Paul Feig stops by and discusses the fashion inspiration behind his menswear collection made with J.Crew 

Photo by Joe Russo.

"Shut Eye" Actor Jeffrey Donovan recounts the warm and action-filled memories he made while working on the set of USA Network's "Burn Notice" 

Photo by Mike Pont.

November 28

Lead vocalist of country music band Sugarland, country music singer and songwriter Jennifer Nettles discusses why she got involved with World Vision while also explaining what we can do to contribute. 

Photo by Mike Pont.

November 29 

Calling all Stranger Things fans, actor Joe Keery came to the studio to share what he'd like his character's, Steve Harrington, backstory to be in Season 2 of Netflix Original Stranger Things. 

Keery also had the chance to share how surreal it has been to watch the kids of "Stranger Things" grow before his eyes. 


November 30 

Singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer and actress Ashanti discusses the undeniable power behind her enduring friendship with Ja Rule. 


How to help yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed?

Image by

Image by

We take care of our physical health by exercising, eating right, and having annual physician check-ups, but what about our mental health?

With the daily stresses that we face from school and work, and pressure from family members and friends—when does it all become too much?

People let their stress, anger, anxiety, or any other type of mental irregularity build up inside of themselves until they cannot handle it and snap. We all don't figuratively snap and hurt ourselves or others, but even blowing up and yelling can still be an extended needed release—though not the best type.

Like many others, I know have struggled with keeping all of my emotions inside until they become too much to handle. I feel the weight on my shoulders. I have learned that taking a deep breath and talking out my problems with a loved one or therapist can help clear my head and refocus my attention on the positive things in my life.

Here a few other ways to help yourself before you get too lost in your thoughts:

  • Write everything down I like to keep myself organized with the help of my planner, where I write down all of my daily tasks and appointments. By doing this, I can stay focused on one thing at a time, and also be sure never to forget anything. 
  • Vent Session If you are lucky to have great roommates and friends to whom you can vent, no matter how stupid or silly your problems are. They will listen and give you the best advice. I cannot even count how many times my roommates and I have sat in our common room and vented and bonded over struggles we are all facing as young people in our early twenties, and I am so thankful for that.
  • Therapy may be the best option. A therapist is a third party who has no biases about your life; they are just there to listen and present you with some tips to help you cope with your overthinking and other struggles.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, just take a deep breath, and remember that you are doing the best you can. It is okay to ask for help. Now, get out there and be your best you!

Header image by.

Goodmen: Breakout Actor Giuseppe Bonifati

unnamed (6).jpg
unnamed (6).jpg

Breakout star Giuseppe Bonifati makes his American film debut opposite Michelle Williams as attorney 'Iacovoni,' in Ridley Scott's soon to be released thrilling crime drama, All the Money in the World, in theaters December 22, 2017.  
Set in Rome in 1973 and inspired by historical events, All the Money in the World follows the complex story of the kidnapping of 16-year-old John Paul Getty III (Charlie Plummer) and the desperate attempt by his devoted, strong-willed mother Gail Getty (Michelle Williams) to convince his oil tycoon billionaire grandfather Jean Paul Getty (Christopher Plummer) to pay the ransom. It is a struggle against time to save her son and with the help of unlikely ally and Getty's adviser, Fletcher Chace (Mark Whalberg), that ultimately reveals the true and lasting value of love over money.

Giuseppe Bonifati was drawn to the arts from an early age. He developed and perfected his craft by enrolling at the prestigious Paolo Grassi School of Dramatic Arts in Milan, named in honor of the late Italian theater organizer Paolo Grassi. Following his studies there, Bonifati continued his schooling at the National Academy of Dramatic Arts Silvio D'Amico in Rome and the International Theatre Workshops in Venice. He currently holds the position of artistic director for the performing arts group Divano Occidentale Orientale, creating and directing all pieces for the company, which has toured throughout Europe and Central and South America. Bonifati is also a published poet and playwright. His works include Ritratto all'Ombra, 21:31 (mi sento morire) and Pepe El Bastardo Impaziente e Innamorato.
A real Renaissance man, Bonifati is fluent in five languages (Italian, Danish, Spanish, French, and English), and is trained in four dance styles including ballroom, salsa, tango and waltz and plays the guitar.